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ear crawlers trend

For the past couple of months, I’ve been seeing ear crawlers everywhere: on the blogs, my instagram feed and on a couple of my favorite shopping sites. It’s a less aggressive ear cuff that’s feminine and ever-so-edgy and now I’m kind of into this new ear trend.

I’ve never been a big ear cuff person because whenever I’d put one on, it falls off; however, I find ear crawlers comfortable and the support is more secure on my ears. With celebs like Emma Watson and Kate Bosworth embracing the trend, it was only a matter of time before crawlers became mainstream.

Want to jump on the ear crawler bandwagon? I’ve rounded up 12 chic ear crawlers that I’m currently lovin’.

ear crawlers

1. Midsummer Ear Crawlers, $32 // 2. Sawtooth Ear Crawlers, $28 // 3. Crystal Triangulum Ear Crawlers, $32 // 4. Sam Edelman Stone Earring Crawlers, $30 // 5. Pave Curved Bar Stud Earrings, $24.90 (in Nordstrom Anniversary Sale until August 2nd) // 6. Ice Fringe Ear Crawlers, $32 // 7. Jules Smith Ascending Crystal Left Ear Crawler, $39 // 8. Gorjana Talia Ear Crawlers, $60 // 9. Nadri Triangle Stud Earrings, $22.90 (in Nordstrom Anniversary Sale until August 2nd) // 10. Lulu Frost Serpentine Ear Crawlers, $110 // 11. Designsix Faux Pearl & Faux Pearl Chain Linked Ear Cuff, $13 // 12. Ice Cosine Crawlers, $28



  1. I love ear crawlers! I bought my first pair, #2 actually, and they looked fab! The only thing was after about 5-6 wears, the gold metal started rubbing off and they now look funky. I want to buy a pair of real gold ones so I don’t have that issue. Have you tried any of the above? I love the styles.

    1. Hi Robin,

      I bought number #9 about two weeks ago during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and I love it a lot. It’s made of 18K gold so you shouldn’t have any issues. It’s good quality and looks fab! 😀

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