From The Gym to The Street (via College Candy)

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Guest post from my friends over at College Candy!

Let’s face it, looking cute for a workout is often a challenge. Actually, it’s a total after-thought. You wake up, grab the first oversized t-shirt you can find and stumble to the gym in a haze, never giving much thought to what you look like or what your plans are after you tighten your core. And then after class you look in the mirror – sweat all over your back, face beet red and hair that looks more like it belongs in 1987 then anywhere near a public place – and remember that you have plans to meet up for brunch.


So what do you do? Skip brunch so you can go home and shower? Go to brunch lookin’ a hot mess? How about neither? By planning a bit ahead of time, you can swap out your sweaty workout garb and transition from a chest press to the coffee press, easy peasy.

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