It’s All About the Flats (via College Candy)

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Guest post from my friends at College Candy!

I’m making the official declaration: Flats are THE shoe of April.

It’s still too cold for sandals and wedges (especially this April where Detroit witnessed a 4-inch snow storm on April 18th! WTF, Mother Nature?!), but we shudder at the thought of having to tuck our calves into our boots for the 1, 478th day in a row. Flats are the perfect in-betweener. They keep things polished but still keep your toes warm.

And this spring, there is so much fun to be had with the official shoe of the month. So many bright colors, fun prints, bold sparkles; there is no reason to stick to a basic black. As far as flats go this season, even if your head screams, “wow that is one loud shoe, ” you can wear it as a neutral.

See the hottest flats for spring!

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