Majorly Crushing on Mellow Yellow (via College Candy)

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Guest post from my friends over at College Candy!

So here’s the deal.

I love Yellow.

Neon yellow is great and pastel yellow is just peachy, I won’t lie to you, there isn’t a shade under the yellow sun (pun intended) that I would shun away. But put me around a marigold yellow and I’m instantly happy. And pulling out and handing over my credit card before the sales person can say “mellow yellow.”

And here is why I love it so: marigold yellows or yellows with olive undertones are a great spring fashion staple because they can be used as a more fun neutral in your ‘drobe. Throw on this shade of yellow and it still allows you room to play with so many other fun fashion trends.

Check out these budget friendly finds in this stunning sunny shade!

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