47 Style Resolutions to Make For The New Year

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It’s a new year which means a chance at a fresh start. What new year’s resolutions should you make? Maybe trying a new hairstyle, find new ways on how to preserve your skin or taking more fashion risks.

Here’s my huge list of style resolutions you should make in 2012.

Beauty Resolutions

1. Stop Biting Your Nails

I know it’s a bad habit but it’s really time to STOP!!!! You wanna stop being jealous of girls with long pretty nails and finally ditch fake nails (which by the way causes more problems to your real nails)? Let them grow out so after a few weeks or months, you can do your own french manicure while saving money. If you’re having a weak moment, try chewing gum to distract your mouth.

2. Try a New Hairstyle

An excellent way to show off a new you is by changing up your look. What better way than a fresh new hairstyle. A hot new hair cut definitely makes a statement so find the courage to step into a salon and remember… ” It’s a new year and a new you so get a fabulous new ‘do.”

3. Experiment With Makeup

To continue with the “New Year, New You” mentality, I always like to change up my makeup and try something different. What’s great about makeup is that there’s so many to choose from so don’t be afraid to experiment and try something different. Subscribe to a beauty magazine like Allure or a free one like Sephora so you can stay updated on the latest beauty trends. Who knows? You might just stumble on a new go-to makeup.

4. Try Yoga

Yoga is a great way to destress, boost self-esteem, re-energize and overall just make you feel better. Remember health & beauty starts from within so practicing breathing exercises, posture, and meditation makes you more healthy in mind, body and spirit.

5. Don’t Obsess Over Wrinkles

Anxiety and stress is the fastest way to age your body so stop obsessing over them because it will only create more. You can’t avoid them but there are ways to slow down the process naturally. Think positive about yourself and live your life!

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Fashion Resolutions

1. Add More Color to Your Wardrobe

When you look inside your closet, do you see nothing but black and dark colors? We all get into the habit of picking up too many dark colors so lets add more color. Try some bright colors like pink, turquoise, red, and even orange. If too much color is overwhelming for you, try adding color with accessories.  Handbags, shoes, jewelry and other accessories are a great addition to any look so it’s the perfect way to add color.

2. Clean Out Your Closet

Get rid of the old to make room for the new. I must admit that my closet needs some TLC right now. I like to make three separate piles- Keep, Throw Away, and Donate. It’s also the perfect time to reorganize and make little changes to my closet too. With my seasonal clothes, I store them away until it’s time to wear again.

3. Take More Fashion Risks

Have fun with fashion by being more daring. Fashion is all about taking risk and creating something truly spectacular from it. Try wearing mix-and-match prints, or wear something completely different from your normal style. Evolve your style by taking a little bit from here and there and incorporate that into your own look.

4. Create a Signature Style

Evaluate your current style or what you would like it to be. Is there a favorite celebrity look you admire? Your personal style should be a reflection of your personality so experiment until you find something that you’re comfortable with and truly your own. If you already have your signature look but feel like you’re in a style rut, add an element (ex. accessories, color, etc.)  that still shows off your signature style without looking repetitive.

5. Stop Over Accessorizing

Remember that some outfits can stand on its own. If you’re wearing a look with a significant amount of prints, bold colors, patterns, or noticeable details like sequins, keep the accessories to a minimum.

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