The Warmest Winter Accessories

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Stay warm while looking stylish this winter. Want the season’s hottest gloves or trendiest scarves? How about a cozy hat to add to your look? I’ve put together the hottest winter accessories that will keep you feeling warm and looking chic.

Winter Hats

I’m usually not a hat person but the winter season is the only time I’d consider wearing one. Some of the emerging hat trends this season are the pompoms, the classic beanie, and yes…the furry trapper hats (so adorable). Wearing a hat is not just a cool trend but a necessity while in the cold. The warmer the head, the warmer your whole body will feel.

winter hats

Winter Gloves

Glove warmers are a fantastic way to prevent freezing hands and fingers, especially if you live in an area with extremely cold and windy weather conditions. There are so many different types of gloves to choose from. I like to wear leather gloves with cuffed fur because it adds a dash of style, but if that’s not your thing, go for a basic warm glove. If you love color, even better!

Winter Scarves

Scarves is no longer just a tool to keep your neck warm. Scarves, more often then not, can be the centerpiece to your look. Here are several ways on how to wear a scarf:

1. The Standard Look- This is great if you want simplicity. Drape the scarf around your neck so the ends hang in the front. Then, take one end and throw behind you so it falls down on your back.
2. The Folded Look- A cozy yet chic look. Fold the scarf in half and wrap around your neck from back to front. Grab the loose ends and pull inside the hole that was created by the fold. Voila!
3. The Knot Look- Another simple look to try. Start off with the scarf wrapped around your neck. Then, grab the two loose ends to make a single knot and let it fall in front of you.


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