Trend Report: Bright Denim Jeans… Yay or Nay?

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bright jeans

Are you bored with plain old blue jeans? Why not go for brights? Bright jeans can make your transition into summer easier. Who doesn’t want some bold colors in their lives? Orange is definitely the key denim trend this season but shades of blue, green, and yellow are still appealing colors ( I love the sky blue!). Dress  your brights down during the day with a plain tee or dress them up with a flirty top on a night out. So….. I think you know the verdict here. Definitely a YAY!

Need inspiration? Check out these 3 Looks!

orange jeans

  1. Rocky Necklace-, $135
  2. Cimarron Jackie Orange Skinny Leg Pants-, $135
  3. Womens Soul Cal Slouchy Crew Neck Top-, $33
  4. Square frame Acetate Sunglasses-, $104
  5. ASOS Trade Leather Buckle Wedge Sandal-, $224

green jeans

  1. G by Guess Sady Vest-, $40
  2. Bright Kelly Green Skinny Jeans-, $165
  3. Wildfox Couture How to Marry a Prince Crew Neck Tee in Clean White-, $69
  4. Gold Multi Bangle with Wooden Bangle-, $23
  5. Two-tone Messenger Bag-, $90

yellow jeans

  1. 5-Zip Clutch in Black-, $330
  2. FULL TILT French Terry Womens Tank-, $19
  3. BDG Cigarette High Rise Jeans in Yellow-, $58
  4. Sunglasses-, $4.90
  5. BROWN AGATE Satin Gold Necklace-, $270
  6. Jessica Simpson Endo Heels in Black-, $80

If bright jeans isn’t your thing, then check out this post on how to wear white jeans!

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  1. The yellow and orange jeans are made for a curvy butt. When I go home to Rio de Janeiro I pick up jeans that are similar for about 15 dollars each and bring them back for gifts, and when my girlfriends here in the USA try them on, they can’t stop looking at their bottom, hahahaha.

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