Trend Report: How to Wear the Minimalist Look

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Like the saying goes…”less is more.” There are several reasons to fall in love with this season’s Minimalism trend. Adding a few key pieces is often times all you need for an appealing look. Here are some quick tips to pull of the minimalist look.

Tip #1: Go for pieces with simple lines. Less complicated is best!

Tip #2: For a chic ensemble, try pairing a simple dress with Mary Janes or ankle boots.

Tip #3: Add an accessory to a minimal look. A standout piece works best like a handbag or a jeweled cuff.

Tip #4: Go for streamlined cuts in neutral palettes. Add some color for a colorblock look!

Need some inspiration? Here are 8 handpicked pieces! For more fall trends and tips, check out our ultimate fashion guide.

  1. Old Navy Women’s Turtleneck Tops-, $18
  2. Asos Minimal Coat with Gold Buttons-, $183
  3. Monsoon Mirriam Collar Necklace-, $46
  4. Mango Straight-cut Skirt-, $46
  5. Brown handbag-, $38.70
  6. R.J. Graziano Gold Oval Cuff-, $30
  7. Multi-coloured Block Dress-, $46
  8. Michael Antonio Mckile Boots in Brown-, $50

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