Update Your Fall/Winter Style with a Plaid Scarf

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Whenever the weather starts to cool down or get cloudy, my go-to accessory is a plaid scarf. Plaid is such a versatile pattern and always stays on trend. I prefer the oversized plaid scarves because there are so many ways to wear it and they just keeps your style ever-fresh.

Keep scrolling below to see how pretty you can look with a plaid scarf this fall and winter.

Plaid Scarf Inspiration

plaid scarf 01


plaid scarf 02


plaid scarf


plaid scarf 04


plaid scarf 05


plaid scarf 06


You can’t go wrong with anyone of these! Not only do you want to select a scarf that goes great with a coat, you also want to make sure that shade mix compliments your skin tone.

Update your holiday style with a plaid scarf for Thanksgiving and Christmas + see our favorite scarf picks!


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