Watch Love: Villa Turque Maison EBEL Limited Edition

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I always tell my friends that you can make any outfit pop with the right accessories. One accessory I always have on me is a nice classic watch. I love variety too and I typically switch up my watches depending on my mood and/or the seasons.

When it comes to a good watch, there are three very important things I consider before I make a purchase: it must be of good quality, has a gorgeous design, and makes me feel confident. Today, I’m introducing EBEL, a luxurious Swiss watch brand that exudes all three and more.


EBEL was founded in 1911 by Eugène Blum and Alice Lévy. From the beginning, it was built on the twin pillars of masculine and feminine values and qualities. Eugene Blum was driven by a quest of functionality while Alice Lévy believed strongly in aesthetics. So the pair decided to combine beauty and function in their watchmaking which ultimately became EBEL’s founding philosophy.


The EBEL brand’s source of inspiration comes from architecture. Through the brand’s pursuit of continuous lines and absolute harmony, EBEL was well-known in the watchmaking world as “The Architects of Time”. Now it is known as “Beauty Marries Function”. For the brand’s 75th anniversary, EBEL acquired the famous Villa Turque, designed and built by iconic Swiss architect, Le Corbusier. It’s symbolic of the EBEL brand’s five cornerstones: luxury, elegance, timelessness, purity and sensuality.

EBEL created a watch that is the quintessential symbol and reflection of the EBEL philosophy and thus the Maison EBEL was born. The clean lines and minimalist interior of the Maison EBEL are the ideal embodiment of men and women over 30 who have an eye for classic style, and a keen interest in interiors. This watch perfectly fits my style.



To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Maison EBEL, and the 100th anniversary of the conception of the Villa Turque, EBEL, the brand is launching the La Maison EBEL watches Limited Edition collection this month. This beautiful timepiece is a shining example of EBEL’s characteristic blend of artistic refinement and technical precision. It was inspired by the oval window of the villa.


This limited edition Maison EBEL watches collection consists of three glowing ten piece series for both men and women. It comes in 18 karat yellow, white or pink gold depending on the version, and presented on a matching bracelet or cognac-colored, midnight blue or black alligator strap. All models are powered by fine Swiss automatic movements.

1216347_MaisonEbel_S 1216348_MaisonEbel_S 1216349_MaisonEbel_S

This limited edition collection perfectly represents the continuous of a glorious past and an exciting future. How do you like the Villa Turque Maison EBEL watches collection?

Disclosure: The post is brought to you by EBEL. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.

Images provided by EBEL.

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