Whiten Your Smile With Crest Whitestrips Premium

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crest whitestrips premium

I’ve always had white teeth. I’ve been praised on how white my teeth are so it’s one of my best features that I like to show off. I guess you can say that I’ve been blessed. I’ve never tried any whitening system or tried any treatment to have my Hollywood smile. 🙂 Well not until recently. Over the weekend, I stood in front of a mirror and I noticed a few stains on my teeth. I was horrified!!! I couldn’t believe that my teeth wasn’t sparkling white anymore. I don’t want to sound like I’m exaggerating here because they still are white but they have loss some whiteness over the years.

It’s my own fault for not being more attentive to my teeth. I really needed a quick fix. I went to Target to checkout those Crest Whitestrips I always see on tv. I have a friend who have use this product before and she had great results. I must say that her smile did look whiter than before. So, I decided to give it a try and I bought one.

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Crest Whitestrips Premium claims to whiten your smile just after three days and full results in 7 days. I’ve used it for two days so far and I couldn’t believe the instant change in my teeth. They do appear somewhat whiter and it’s only been two days. I’m loving this product. I guess I’m pretty late jumping onto this bandwagon since it came out years ago but I have it now and I can’t wait to see the full results.

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