The Best Morning Routine Checklist For A More Productive Day

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This post is all about the best morning routine checklist.

morning routine checklist

Like most people, I often seek ways to increase my energy and be more productive daily. One of the most effective tips has been how I carry out my morning routine to prepare myself for the day ahead. I rely on a series of tasks to get myself ready, mentally focused, energetic, and confident to interact with different opportunities as the day progresses.

My best morning routine begins the night before I sleep because I need to be fully rested the morning after. For example, staying up later than I should – when catching up with my favorite series, browsing the net, enjoying a glass of wine with friends – affects my quality of sleep which I end up paying for like snoozing my alarm the next day and other morning chaos.

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Other times, I purposely plan what to wear before I sleep or write down my to-do list the following day to know what to do when I wake up. Here are 10 good habits in my morning routine to inspire you to find what works for you and increase your productivity.

What Should Be In Your Morning Routine Checklist?

Certainly, morning routines will differ between different people based on individual work demands and other factors – there is no one size for all. I have had to change various facets of my routine from time to time, but once I found the daily habits that work for me, I started implementing them in my mornings, and my productivity increased.

Significantly, I note that my best mornings are when I have had enough rest the night before; I wake up energetic and on time and can organize my thoughts and actions without feeling hurried. Getting a good night’s sleep is essential, and making my bed when I wake up gives me a sense of accomplishment and an eagerness for the day.

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What Are The 10 Good Habits In the Morning?

Below are 10 good habits to include in your morning routine. Be sure to also check out this morning routine checklist for adults.

1. Get a good night’s sleep: Some activities contributing to sleep loss include excessive use of smartphones or other LED devices hours before sleep. The blue light from these devices greatly upsets our sleeping patterns and can make it hard to wake up on time when the alarm goes off. Getting a goodnight’s sleep is at the top of my morning routine checklist.

I always avoid checking my phone at least three hours before bed. I have had to reschedule my tv shows to another day instead of staying up late to catch up with the latest series. Overall, sufficient sleep improves my moods my cognitive abilities and boosts my immunity in the long term.

2. Making the bed: Making the bed is essential to me as it helps me accomplish the day’s first task and sets me in the mood to achieve more objectives. it might seem like a small issue, but the feeling of accomplishing the first task of the day gives me the impetus I need to face the day and accomplish more.

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3. Eating breakfast: I also need a healthy breakfast meal for the fuel I need to start the day. A healthy meal needs proteins for muscle repair, growth, and recovery, carbohydrates for energy, and healthy fats to support the absorption of nutrients. Besides solid food, a glass of water is essential to keep my brain and the rest of the body hydrated.

I consider breakfast one of the most important meals of the day as it gives me the energy to start my day on a high and positive note.

4. Journaling: Journaling is a form of exercising the mind, which is just as vital as exercising the body. I write down the crucial details and plan for the day; I express my feelings and concerns by writing them down and examining them one after another. That way, I can manage the stress that could weigh me down even before the day starts.

Moreover, when I write things down, it is easier to prioritize, remember, accomplish, or reschedule tasks for another day. Journaling is best combined with mindful meditation to achieve the best and most long-term results.

5. Drinking a glass of water: Ideally, I take a glass of water immediately after I wake up. Water keeps my body hydrated and helps to flush out toxins from my body before I make breakfast. Also, I take water after breakfast to help digestion and keep me active throughout the day.

According to nutritionists and health experts, taking water in the morning improves digestion, boost energy levels, and helps the skin become more plump and elastic.

Also, drinking water with a slice of lemon gives you even more energy, aids with digestion, clears your skin and stimulates the metabolism.

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6. Enjoy a cup of coffee or tea: The sweet aroma of coffee or tea alone inspires me to wake up. Sometimes, I preset the coffee machine before I sleep so that my coffee awaits me when I rise. Coffee gives me the energy I need in the morning to start my day. It also boosts my moods, removes toxins from my body, and energizes me.

morning routine checklist for adults

7. Incorporate self-care: Self-care in my morning routine is an absolute must. We often times forget to take care of ourselves so I like to squeeze in some time, even if it’s just 5 minutes, to take care of me. That might be lighting a scented candle while bathing, pampering my skin, reading a book to relax or making my favorite iced latte. The objective is to feel good and confident before the day starts.

8. Say positive affirmation: Like many people, I have to motivate myself each morning. I do this by saying positive affirmations and reading positive quotes on life goals. I may also listen to positive affirmations on Youtube or through music. Positive affirmations keep me balanced and motivated to face the day from the start.

No matter how committed I may be to my morning routine checklist, I still need the motivation to live up to my daily commitments.

Specifically, I use positive affirmations to eliminate any condensing attitude I may have in the morning. I am more motivated and ready for the day by creating a positive mindset. Some of the positive affirmations I say to myself are:

  • I am eager to face the day today
  • I am happy for the life I have
  • Today will be the best day of my life

9. Exercise regularly: Besides keeping myself healthy, physical exercise triggers the release of energy and hormones like serotonin and dopamine that increase my alertness, improve my moods, and raise my mental focus for the day. Other benefits of exercise in my morning routine include weight loss and getting that boost of energy.

You do not always have to exercise vigorously to get these benefits; some days, I prefer to do yoga, take a walk, or do a quick cardio session or push-ups and sit-ups from my living space. My objective is to get my blood pumping, boost my energy, improve focus and just be in a good mood before starting my day.

10. Have a daily to-do list: My ideal to-do list lays out my schedule for the day. The start and completion times for various tasks and when to take breaks. A to-do list helps me to manage my time, money, and workload better. Working with a to-do list has made me more accountable to myself and has helped me meet deadlines for various tasks more effectively.

I also use a to-do list to break down large tasks into smaller, more achievable ones so I am manageable at the start of the day. Generally, I recommend a daily to-do list or planner to everyone looking for simple but effective ways to boost productivity at work and home.

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Final remarks

Having a routine has come with tremendous benefits, including increased output. A morning routine helps me to manage stress better and plan my day more effectively. Other health benefits include sleeping better and improved health status.

Indeed, I only overhauled my lifestyle in a timely manner. Instead, I gradually adopted some tasks and dropped others from my morning routine until I established a pattern that worked for me. I had to try one thing at a time, plan for what I wanted to achieve, and start thinking differently – a change of attitude was vital.

However, a routine morning checklist has improved my work performance and relationships with friends, family, and colleagues and made me healthier.

Free Printable Morning Routine Checklist For Adults

Download a free printable morning routine checklist!

Morning Routine Checklist

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