How I Kick Start My Work Week

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I absolutely love Mondays. I know, I know, it’s the start of the work week and many have valid reasons to dislike it. Monday’s get a bad wrap; but for me, starting the week on a high note gets me mentally prepared and pumped up for the week ahead. Here’s how I kick start my work week:

1. Establish a Monday Routine

I like to get everything I need for the week laid out on the weekend so I have time on Monday morning. This truly helps start my Monday’s off on a better foot. I also set goals and action items for the week so I stay productive and accomplish more each day.

2. Get Moving & Eat Breakfast

I never skip a workout. I’ll start the day going to the gym or taking an early morning yoga class. Daily exercise keeps me on track of my fitness goals so I make sure to stick to them. After a workout, I’ll have a nice healthy breakfast so I’m energized and upbeat throughout the day. My new morning breakfast go-to are these irresistible tart&sweet flavors from Noosa Yoghurt. It’s thick & velvety, and uses whole milk & only the freshest ingredients. Noosa Yoghurt newest flavors are so delicious:

  • orange and ginger- Taste like tree ripened oranges and freshly minced ginger that’s so delightful.
  • strawberry and hibiscus- The plump and ripe strawberries are gently muddled then infused with real hibiscus flowers. A tropical twist on a classic yoghurt flavor.
  • pear and cardamom- The sweet juicy pears are mixed with Indian cardamom, creating the perfect pairing.

As a strawberry yogurt fan, I instantly fell in love with the strawberry and hibiscus flavor. It’s the perfect balance of fruit & spice! I sometimes like to build a tub into a yogurt parfait by topping it with fresh fruit and sprinkling granola on top. It goes perfectly with my morning green tea too. You can find them at Target stores nationwide and here’s a coupon to take $1 off your next tub!

3. Stay Hydrated

Drinking water throughout the day keeps me refreshed and hydrated. I also feel like I’m more productive and less fatigued afterwards so I like to keep a water bottle on my work station.

4. Take a Mid-Day Break

I’m always in a much better mood and get more done when I take a mid-day break. I’ll use this time to check my social media, maybe read a couple of magazines, go for a walk outside, or have a snack.

5. Have a positive attitude

No matter what mood I’m in from the night before, I always start off my work week with a positive attitude and smile my way through it. When I need that extra boost of inspiration, creativity or motivation, I search out the hashtag #MondayMotivation on Twitter and read a couple of Monday quotes or a positive article.

How do you kick start your work week?

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Collectively and Noosa Yogurt. All thoughts and opinions are 100% mine.

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