13 Creative Dollar Store Organizing Hacks You’ll Love

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dollar store organizing hacks

If you’re budgeting and looking for inexpensive ways to declutter your home, then I highly suggest you raid your local dollar store. I have several Dollar Tree and a few Dollar General stores in my area and I’ve found so many gems inside these stores. There are so many ordinary products that you can turn into something more.

DIYers figured it out a long time ago and have created some amazing projects using items found inside the dollar store. With spring just around the corner, I wanted to share with you a couple of DIY organization projects I’ve found across the net to aid in spring cleaning your home. From organization hacks to simple storage tricks, these dollar store organization hacks will make your home less cluttered while saving you tons of money!

1. Linen Closet Organization

Using an office supply product to sort washcloths is simply genius! Such a clever idea, right? // via Real Coake

linen closet organization real coake

2. Large Pantry Makeover

This tutorial shows you how to organize a large pantry on a dollar store budget. // via Remodelaholic


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3. Multipurpose Space & Junk Drawer

Do you have a messy junk drawer or an area in your kitchen or office that needs attention? This video shows you how to tackle it all!

4. DIY Storage Office Shelves – Farmhouse Style!

Why not give your plain plastic storage organizers an industrial farmhouse feel? This tutorial shows you how! // via Little House of Four

Industrial Style Dollar Tree Storage little house of four

5. Dollar Store Portable Homework Caddy

If you have kids, this portable homework caddy will be a life saver once school begins. // via Simply Made Pretty

homework-caddy simply made pretty

6. $1 DIY Desk Drawer Organizer

Here’s a simple yet brilliant solution to clean up your desk drawer and it only cost $1. // via This Is Our Bliss

dollar-tree-desk-drawer-organization this is our bliss

7. Small Laundry Room Organization – Dollar Tree Inspired!

This small laundry room makeover is equally impressive, inspiring and inexpensive thanks to her trip to the Dollar Tree.

8. Chest Freezer Organization

With this organization system, there’s no more need to rummage through the entire freezer. // via Practically Functional

Chest-Freezer-Organization-System practically functional

9. DIY Personalized Tin Labels for Organizing

This easy DIY tin label will help you make your space clutter free and pretty. // via Hunt & Host


10. DIY Bathroom Storage Towel Organization

This storage bin is a chic way to add in some storage for towels in your bathroom when you don’t have enough space. You only need 3 items and the whole project takes 10 minutes to make. All of these items are still available at the Dollar Tree too! // via North Country Nest

Dollar-Store-Industrial-Farmhouse-Bin-North Country Nest

11. Dollar Store Spice Cupboard

Get the look of $30+ spice jars and create a well organized spice cupboard without spending a boat load of money. // via The Social Home

dollar store spice jars the social home

12. Purse Organization

Here’s a neat organizing hack to keep all those clutches and smaller bags in your closet tidy. // via The Organized Mama

purse organization the organized mama

13. DIY Mermaid Makeup Brush Holder

Such a cute fun makeup brush holder you can make for your teen in minutes with supplies found at the dollar store. // via Tastefully Frugal

Mermaid-Makeup-Brush-Holder tastefully frugal

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  1. Make sure you get plastic bins that have straight sides you can fit more on a shelf. Otherwise you end up getting a wedge in between each bin and losing a lot of space in the end

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