How to Clean Out Your Shoe Closet

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Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Glad® but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

This post is all about how to clean out your shoe closet.

For the past few weeks, I’ve been cleaning out my closet. Getting rid of my items, especially the ones I haven’t worn in years (and years, and years) isn’t easy. I’ve tackled different sections of my closet and right now, I’m working on my shoe organizer that’s a huge jumbled mess. Sometimes you just need to let things go, and there’s nothing like a good shoe purge to give my style a fresh start for the summer ahead.

How To Clean Out Your Shoe Closet

It’s finally time to make a home for your shoes that is sparkling clean. Here are my tips on how to clean out your shoe closet and keep it super organized.

What to Keep

The shoes I want to keep in my closet are the staples and basics, or the everyday pieces that work in any season. For example, my pair of black pumps is a must-have as well as these sneakers, but my old worn out flats are probably safe to toss.

What to Ditch

Once I’ve decided on the things worth keeping, it’s time to start purging. I have tons of pieces I’ve worn only twice in my lifetime and they’ve just been taking up space. I also have a couple of shoes that have gone out of style and just needs to go.

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Moving forward, if I haven’t worn a pair of shoes in a year, I just need to bit the bullet and get rid of it. I think that’s a great action plan so I can make room for new shoes. Other pieces you can ditch are shoes you have duplicates of. Trust me, you won’t miss them.

Now that I’ve determined which pieces to keep and which to ditch, I’ll donate all the shoes in the “ditch” pile to charitable organizations like the Goodwill. To transport them all, I used a tough trash bag like Glad® Advanced Protection trash bags. I recently stopped by Walmart to purchase a box of these trash bags.  The bright yellow box made it easy to find, but since Glad® has multiple products, make sure you grab the box that has “Advanced Protection” written on it.

glad force flex trash bags

Glad® Advanced Protection trash bags have:

  • Superior strength thanks to its RipGuard™ technology that prevents rips and tears.
  • A LeakGuard® Technology with two-layer protection designed to trap liquids in the bag.
  • Has a reinforced bottom to prevent leaks and will keep your can clean.
  • Has a 7-Day Odor Control Guarantee with the help of Febreze® to neutralize food odors.

I threw over a dozen pairs of shoes inside the bag, from sneakers to high-heeled pumps, and it can easily withstand the weight even after I swung it around for a bit. No rips or tears anywhere while I was carrying the heavy load to my car either. It definitely passes my Glad® Torture Test. 😉

Glad® is a brand that can handle your trash and that’s why it’s my go-to trash bag for every need no matter the job. To learn more about the product and to see the Glad® Torture Test in action, watch the video here!

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