Fizzy Passion Fruit & Lime Cooler

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Spring is here! The weather is warming up here in Los Angeles and it’s the perfect time to enjoy a refreshing cocktail. I love making cocktails when I’m entertaining family and friends at my home.  In fact, this month alone, there’s so many things to celebrate. We just celebrated Easter Sunday, I have an upcoming dinner party that I’m hosting together with one of my girlfriends, and really looking forward to my small get-together before hitting the road to Coachella. So, I thought a great way to kick off the spring season is to create a cocktail full of tropical goodness!

I’ve partnered with Welch’s to create this Fizzy Passion Fruit and Lime Cooler. This cocktail is made with freshly squeezed lime, vodka, soda water, and Welch’s Refrigerated Passion Fruit Juice Cocktail. The sweetness of the passion fruit is balanced quite well with the tartness of the lime juice. I just love the cool refreshing scent of mint with each sip. It’s a sweet, tangy and perfectly bubbly drink to enjoy this spring and summer!

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Fizzy Passion Fruit and Lime Cooler


Serves: 1

fizzy passion fruit and lime cooler


Step 1. Combine lime juice and sugar and mix together.

Step 2. Add Welch’s Passion Fruit Refrigerated Juice Cocktail and vodka with lime juice mixture in a glass over crushed ice.

Step 3. Top with soda water and add mint leaves for garnish.

I grew up on Welch’s Concord Grape Juice because it has great taste and refreshing goodness. Today you can find so many cool flavor combinations. I spotted so many at my local Ralph’s and I immediately started thinking of creative cocktail and mocktail recipe ideas.

Be sure to check out the Welch’s website for more drink recipes!

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