31 Underrated Ways To Use Your Blender

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ways to use a blender

Hi everybody!

My name is Diana and first off I just want to say I love my high-powered blender.

High-powered blenders make it easier to mix, purée or emulsify different types of food, besides smoothies. The units can perform many functions, especially when they are equipped with additional nozzles. These kitchen appliances are available in a wide variety of types, including portable and stand-up blenders. There are several number of ways to use a blender including making ultra-smooth vinaigrette, homemade salsa and pancake batter.

Benefits of using a high-powered blender

Unlike portable blenders, high-powered ones boast powerful motors capable of handling tough and challenging ingredients like uncooked carrots and raw beet. They make up for the higher price by enabling users to take advantage of advanced blending capabilities. The appliances have the capacity to make nut milks and nut butters, which are out of range for less efficient portable blenders.

High-powered blenders are ideal for anyone looking for speed, versatility and ease of use. They come with multiple speeds. The majority of cheaper blenders experience difficulty producing smooth mixes with a silky consistency. Hence, it is better to opt for high-powered blenders that do not churn out smoothies with a chunky fruit mixture.

In addition, buyers can enjoy peace of mind thanks to generous warranties associated with high-end blenders. This is a sign of durability and reliability of the mixers. Some brands offer lengthy warranties of up to seven years with the option of purchasing an extended warranty.

Cons of high-powered blenders

High-end blenders typically require a big budget because they do not come cheap. Buyers must be willing to pay between two and four times more than the price of a standard unit. Some of the blenders with high-speed motors are known to generate considerable noise too. On the other hand, high-powered blenders are typically bulkier, which can make it difficult to fit the appliance under the kitchen counter.

Is it worth it?

Well, that depends on a number of factors like your budget, lifestyle, how often you make meals from scratch, how much power you need and etc. For me, it’s worth it. I have a Vitamix I bought a year ago and I must say that it definitely replaced a bunch of different kitchen gadgets I had. It replaced my coffee grinder, ice cream machine, mixer, grater, vegetable choppers, and more! I also was able to try new things, eat healthier, had less dishes to clean, and saved time & money in the long run. Like the saying goes, “sometimes spending more helps you spend less.”

If you do have the budget for a high-powered blender and you make homemade meals often, then hopefully this post will help you decide whether you need one.  You can find step by step instructions or the recipe for all of these on the net, but you’ll also see that I linked to a few of my favorites. See my huge list of ways to use a blender below!

31 Ways to Use a Blender

homemade pancakes blender oh so delicioso

via Oh So Delicioso

1. Make Pancake Batter

With pancake batter, you simply place the ingredients, including eggs, milk, flour and salt in the blender then mix until smooth.

2. Make Flour

High-powered blenders provide a practical way to make flour with the fluffiest and finest texture than standard units. The impressive blade design of high-end blenders makes it easier to achieve superior consistency when grinding seeds and grains into powder.

3. Ice Cream

Blenders eliminate any excuse for not making ice creams at home. The appliance can mix different types of ingredients, including avocados, strawberry and frozen bananas.

How to make Nut Butter minimalistbaker

via Minimalist Baker

4. Nut Butters

You can make your own nut butters using a blender. Simply toss roasted or raw nuts and churn out good quality butter at the fraction of the cost of a jar at the store.

5. or Make Nut Milk

With a blender, you can make great tasting nut milk quickly and easily. Soak the nuts (walnut, cashew or almond) for 24 hours before blending to achieve the best results. You can choose the ideal flavor from a wide variety of recipes. Some of the popular flavors include turmeric, vanilla, cacao and chai spices.

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6. Make Pesto

Simply mix pepper, salt, fresh basil leaves, olive oil and garlic in the blender until you achieve the desired smoothness. Pesto works well with pasta and you can vary the ingredients to include kale and walnuts.

7. Homemade Frozen Cocktails

Pamper yourself with homemade frozen cocktails. From peach bourbon mule to strawberry sriracha margarita, there is no excuse for not spicing up weekend fun get-togethers with friends.

Fresh Blender Salsa Collage feasting not fasting

via Feasting Not Fasting

8. Restaurant-Style Salsa

A high-speed blender has the capacity to make silky smooth, restaurant-style salsa. You are sure to love the flavor when you mix onion, salt, tomatoes, jalapeno, pepper, garlic and cilantro. Add an awesome twist by opting for classic salsa or mix tomatillo with cucumber to enjoy a crisp taste.

9. Vegan Sour Cream

A blender can make vegan sour cream in a matter of minutes. Some of the best ingredients include apple cider vinegar, soy sauce, olive oil, organic tofu, sugar and lemon juice. Optionally, you can add yeast flakes.

10. Make Guacamole

Experimenting with delicious appetizer recipes just got easier thanks to high-speed blenders. Simply mash together avocados to achieve an ultra-smooth guacamole.

11. Make soups

Create different types of soups, including Gazpacho, the classic Spanish tomato soup. Blenders make creamy, delicious soup that is simply irresistible and ideal for summer or winter months.

12. Make cheese sauce

Making cheese sauce using a high-powered blender is quick easy. You can turn several pats of butter into a delicious sauce by mixing with a variety of ingredients.

13. Make apple sauce

With a high-performance blender, apple sauce preparation is a breeze. The appliance eliminates the need to peel and strain. The result is tastier and healthier.

14. Make Homemade Sauces

From smoky steak sauce and lemon-soy sauce to summer tomato sauce, blenders provide a practical way to prepare simple homemade sauces. The process takes a few minutes.

15. Raw Desserts

Smoothies, soups and sauces are normal targets for the blender, and you can expand the selection to include raw desserts. It is easy to prepare cookie butter, raw pies, puddings, mousse and frozen treats.

16. Healthy Pizza Crusts

Create healthy pizza crusts using cauliflower, sweet potato and more with your super versatile appliance. It is one way for the blender to earn its space on the countertop.

make whipped cream blender heavenly home makers

via Heavenly Homemakers

17. Make Whipped Cream

Homemade whipped cream is super easy and quick. You can impress guests with fancy desserts. Begin the process by combining the ingredients in a blender and proceed to blend them to achieve optimal consistency.

18. Falafel or veggie burgers

A high-speed blender can prepare falafel or veggie burger treat without the need to worry about a lengthy process. You can lighten up the recipe with cauliflower to create the ideal texture.

19. Pie Crust

To prepare a traditional or vegan pie crust, simply gather the ingredients and process them in the blender for 10 to 12 minutes. The result should resemble coarse crumbs.

20. Homemade Powdered Sugar

A high-powered blender is the best appliance to make homemade powdered or confectioner’s sugar. This type of sugar can be prepared without adding corn starch.

21. Make delicious dressings

Create different types of delicious dressings using fresh ingredients in a blender. You can blend soy sauce, lemon juice, ginger and Sriracha until super smooth.

22. Frothy Lattes

Preparing the creamiest airy froth for your latte is easy. Pour milk in the blender and mix to achieve a frothy texture. This is best carried out at medium speed.

23. Make Fluffy Eggs

The blender provides an efficient way to prepare fluffy, moist and flavor-rich eggs. The appliance makes the eggs light and fluffy when blended lightly for about 10 seconds.

24. Make Frosting

Mix all the ingredients to achieve a uniform consistency. High-powered blenders are well suited to the task than portable units, which push the ingredients to the sides.

25. Hummus/Bean dip

Store bought hummus can be pricey. Make your own hummus with dried chickpeas, tahini, olive oil, water, salt, garlic and lemon juice.

blender lemonade pinch of yum

26. Tasty Lemonade

To make tasty lemonade, toss lemons in a blender with sugar, ice and water. Spin the contents until water resembles lemonade. See full the full steps here.

27. Make Tasty Granola Bars

Making sugar-free granola bars just got easier. Here’s a cool recipe to get your started.

28. Make Fruit Leather

Preparing homemade fruit leather may seem daunting, yet it is a simple task when using a high-performance blender. Learn how to make it here.

29. Make Body Scrubs

Winter wreaks havoc on the skin leaving many people looking for homemade solutions. You can make body scrubs using your blender before applying the scrub on the skin.

30. Homemade Lotion

Homemade lotion recipes are nothing short of magical. They can be prepared in a blender based on a recipe of your choice. When complete, place the mixture in the fridge before applying on your skin.

31. Breakdown Compost

To create instant compost for your plants, simply blend food scraps, including coffee grounds and add water.

Can I Save Money on a High-Powered Blender?

Yes it’s possible! You can try looking for a Vitamix or Blendtec on sites like eBay or Craigslist; but honestly, I wouldn’t go this route because those can be iffy. I would look for a refurbished model instead because those still come with a warranty. I know Vitamix is offering a certified refurbished 5300 blender for $200 less and Blendtec have several refurbished models as well.

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