How to Get Salon-Quality Hair For Less

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When it comes to my hair, I’ve come up with my own signature routine to get gorgeous, salon-quality hair from home. It’s a simple routine that consist of:

1. Shampooing and conditioning my hair- I have coarse dry hair, so I always use a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner (preferably with natural ingredients) and I give my hair a final rinse with cold water to help seal in the moisture and increase shine.

2. Using a heat protectant products- Before I use any heat tools, I always use a protectant to prevent heat damage.

3. Blow drying- I like to finish blow drying with a blast of cold air because it leaves my hair shiny, prevents frizz, and helps flatten my hair.

4. Flat Iron- I use a heat protectant product again before the flat ironing process.

5. Coconut Oil- I add a few drops of coconut oil to the palms of my hand and apply to my hair for a smoother, softer look.

The key to salon-quality hair is finding a good hair care routine and using products with natural ingredients that will keep your hair healthy, strong, and salon beautiful. Even better? Finding salon-quality hair care products without spending a lot of money.

Suave Natural Infusions

suave natural infusions

Suave’s New Natural Infusions will help you achieve salon-beautiful hair every day at just the right price. The new line also contains natural inspired ingredients so you look beautiful, feel good, and radiate goodness outward into the world.

Again, we love a great hair care product especially purchasing one of great value. From now until March 22nd, you can buy $6 worth of Suave Professionals products at Rite Aid to get $2 on your Wellness+ card towards your next purchase.

Rite Aid & Suave Twitter Party!

suave natural infusions rite aid

Join in on the fun! Rite Aid & Suave are having a Twitter Party tomorrow, 3/18 at 8PM ET with @ResourcefulMom where you can learn more about the new Natural Influsions line and how they can help you get salon-beauty hair daily. They’re also giving away $50 Amazon gift card as prizes to 10 lucky people. To participate, use tag #RiteAidSuaveHair and RSVP here!

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Global Influence in partnership with RiteAid & Suave. All thoughts, opinions, & ideas are my own.

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