5 Effective Yoga Poses for Weight Loss

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yoga poses weight loss

If you are thinking about turning to yoga to help you out in your weight loss problems, then you have found the right article. Here, you can learn about effective yoga poses for weight loss to help keep yourself in the right track of your weight loss goals. Yoga itself is one grand fitness plan, and taking it seriously will always get you the results you wanted.

While nothing can ever replace effective cardio and strength training, people who turn to yoga for their weight loss woes are likely to succeed with the approach as yoga principles are designed to deal with both the internal and external concerns and issues responsible for their weight issues.

Here are some great yoga poses that truly helps you in your weight loss goals. Such postures are not only meant to calm down your mind and keep your internal systems in line, but they also promote some efficient strengthening and flexibility components too. Be sure to also check out our Yoga 101 Guide for more tips and exercises!

1. Shoulder Stand

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The shoulder stand is one great way to stimulate certain body systems that facilitate weight loss. It increases circulation, boost metabolism, and helps you burn fat faster. Here, you have to ease yourself first into the pose as carefully as you can so you will not strain your neck in dangerous ways since much pressure will be placed on this particular part of your body. If you are just beginning to get the hang of this pose, you can always use pillows or the wall in your room for some support. These inverted poses are great news for your adrenal system and those other areas in your body that functions to help you out in your weight loss.

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2. Sun Salutations

Perform the sun salutation yoga sequence
Sun salutations will get your blood up and pumping every time you begin your yoga workouts. It’s considered a complete body workout and one of the most effective weight loss tools. Through a series of poses, sun salutations is what warms your body up so you can achieve that needed flexibility for the workouts. Not only that, this concept will also help calm your mind down from all the worries and concerns out in the real world. This is a great way to focus on your yoga workout.

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3. The Bow Pose

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The bow pose is the ideal posture that generates heat within the body to help burn off those stored fats into energy so your body can use it for every activity that you will be doing. This works by opening up your chest and pelvis, areas not easily worked and stretched so you can create more energy from it. If you are just a beginner or may be suffering from back issues, you’ll just have to make sure to use modified and comfortable positions as your starting point before you move into the main pose.

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4. The Tree Pose

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This is a standing pose that requires much from you, specifically with focus and concentration to aid in quieting your mind. You will also improve your leg strength along the way that and leads to a better balance as well. This will work best if you can try to balance and hold the pose for about a minute. If ever you are going to lose your balance prompting you to put your other feet down on the ground, you can simply repeat it again. It’s important to note that yoga is never concerned with success or failure.

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5. The Forward Bend

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The forward bend functions to release and relieve the spine, regulate your kidneys and stretch those hamstrings. Considered as one of the best pose that promotes physical and mental healing, the forward bend pose is just perfect for you. It would be ideal though to go only as far as you are comfortable with this pose.

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These yoga poses for weight loss are as safe and effective as they can ever be. You will not have to worry about any side effects present in other conventional weight loss methods.

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