Health: 5 Easy Yoga Poses for Beginners

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yoga poses for beginners

Yoga Poses for Beginners

Yoga poses are very powerful in the sense that it can bring dramatic effects to your body and health. However, they can be overwhelming for enthusiasts just trying them out for the first time. They might end up surrendering before they fully give yoga a chance. The good news is that there are yoga poses for beginners to help them introduce yoga into their lives.

As you grow and mature into yoga, regular positions will finally become everyday routines for you. What’s best about these yoga poses for beginners is that your body can easily accommodate them until your body feels at home with these positions. From then you can start challenging much harder positions so you can have a variety of positions on your sleeve.

Position 1. Tree Yoga Pose

This yoga pose helps strengthen the lower part of your body as well as your back. It will increase flexibility around the hips and groin area. This pose requires you to first stand with your feet together and arms by your sides. Next, bend your right knee and slowly bring the sole of your right foot to the inside of your left thigh. Stay balanced on your left foot while raising both arms above the head and bring palms together. Hold for 10 seconds then repeat on the opposite leg.

Position 2. Cat-Cow Pose

The cow pose is another easy yoga position that every beginner can enjoy to the fullest. While in the neutral spine position, take a deep breath while you slowly curl your toes under the feet and gently bring your belly down. Then stretch your neck upwards facing the ceiling. With the cow pose, it is important that your neck should be the last part to move after having accomplished the other positions.

The cat pose is another variety that can be exploited by beginners. Here, exhaling is given emphasis. From the cow pose, you curl your toes and release them gently to the floor to ease the pressure off your feet. After the execution, you bend your spine and drop down your head. Tilt and curl inwards until you can gaze at your navel. As you are busy with this position, you can also repeat your cat-cow stretches progressively while inhaling and exhaling at the same time. It is vital that your breath must match the various movements made while performing the pose.

Position 3. Downward Facing Dog

There are also standing yoga positions that yoga enthusiasts and beginners can embrace. The downward facing dog for example is comprised of standing, resting and a mild typical inversion of your body. This just happens to be my favorite pose too! The benefits that you can get from this position is a full body stretch and strengthening. This particular pose requires you to bend your knees so you can fully rest your belly on your thigh and raise your sit bones up. With this kind of position, you can sink your heels in and bend the arms.

Position 4. Warrior Pose

Among the yoga positions that is becoming popular for beginners out there trying their best to get into the yoga system is the warrior pose. The benefits from this position are superb especially if you’re trying to increase stamina, balance, and concentration. This pose stretches and strengthens the extremities and also known to relieve backaches.

To get into this position, start with downward facing dog pose. Next, take your right foot forward between your hands, turn your left heel inward and lift torso up. Make sure your right foot is slightly to the right of the center of the mat. Keep your hips square by directing your right hip back and left hip forward. Once square, lift your arms above your head and press palms together. Stay for a few seconds then transition back to downward facing dog.

See another starting point variation below:

Position 5. Extended Side Angle

The extended side angle position is another treat in yoga that also involves standing. This pose can stretch your hamstrings, groin and legs and strengthen them so they can withstand physical pressures at some levels. It can also help you up in opening your chest and shoulders.

Yoga poses for beginners are simple, and are quick to learn. People may be having a hard time inserting various physical activities into their daily schedules but learning the basics of yoga like the positions mentioned above should not be a problem at all. You can master these things with just a limited time in a week. Flexibility is all you need which you’ll gain with continued effort and patience.

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