8 Easy Healthy Changes You Can Make This Summer

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Disclosure: This post has been sponsored by Schweppes. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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Every January, I feel more motivated to be active and make healthier decisions. It’s now summer and staying motivated can be a lot more challenging for me because I have many distractions like traveling, attending weddings, and summer bbqs. However, I make it work because the journey to good health is paved with smart decisions. This means that it is important you learn how to make healthier decisions for yourself and your family. Thankfully, switching to a healthy, happy, and fulfilling life is not difficult. You just need to check out these eight simple, but highly-effective tips to enter the wonderful world of good health.

1. Don’t Skip Breakfast

Fueling your body at the start of the day will you help stay energized and focused all morning. This is why breakfast is considered the most important meal of the day. Stop skipping breakfast and you will enjoy numerous benefits, including an improved nutritional profile, lower risk of lifestyle diseases, and overall improved health.  You can start small and make a smoothie or a slice of avocado toast if you’re not used to eating breakfast.

2. Drink More Water

The majority of our bodies is made up of water, which, obviously, means that only a hydrated body can be a healthy body. When you consider your increase exposure to the sun and heat this summer and other aspects of your lifestyle, assessing your water intake is important. You should spread your water intake throughout the day instead of just guzzling lots of water once or twice a day.  I find that the easiest way for me to drink more water is to always have water by me no matter where or when I’m blogging from my laptop.

I really like Schweppes Sparkling Water and is now something I keep in stock at home. It hydrates me just as well as regular water but it offers that nice bubbly kick that excites my tongue. The Black Cherry flavor is honestly delicious and very satisfying. I’m constantly working outside the home, so they’re definitely convenient when I’m on the go. I’ll take a can from the fridge and throw it in my bag to consume for later.

3. Take Probiotics

While protecting your body from bad microbes is essential, make sure you give your body the protection of good microbes too, by including probiotic food items and supplements in your routine.

4. Give Your Diet a Berry Boost

Who says you can’t enjoy the journey to a healthier life? It is ‘berry’ much possible. Rich in antioxidants, the best thing about berries is that they taste great as well. I like having a cup of strawberries alone or with fresh cream to help satisfy that sweet craving without stuffing my body with harmful junk food. I’ll often times throw in a few berries in my Schweppes Sparkling Water for a more fruity taste.

5. Go Outside to Exercise

An early-morning jog in a park surrounded by fresh air, green trees, and the first rays of the sun can do wonders for your health. It can even reduce your stress levels. If you are not a morning person, go outside to exercise in the evening instead. We live, eat, work, and sleep indoors. Get reconnected to nature and help your body absorb Vitamin D from the rays of the sun by exercising out in the open.

6. Eat Your Veggies

Good health is next to impossible without a balanced diet, which means you should include lots of fresh green veggies in your diet. Adding a salad made of organic fruits and vegetables as a side dish to your dinner can do wonders over the long run.

7. Sleep Well

Resist the urge to stay up late during long summer days. No machine, even one as versatile as your body, can function properly without adequate rest and relaxation. Sleep well and you are likely to find it easier to push yourself harder and get more work done throughout the day.  For me, it helps to stick to the same bedtime and wake up schedule. I’ll also sip some sparkling water before bedtime to help my body restore those nutrients and minerals I need to stay healthy and strong.

8. Turn off Technology

It’s pretty much impossible for me to step away from technology all together since blogging is my full-time gig; however, it’s good for our minds and bodies to disconnect once in awhile. I make sure to limit my smartphone and computer usage at night. So, have a fixed deadline for turning off all smartphones, tablets, laptops, and other devices in the house. Spend some time outside and play games with your family or start reading a book from your summer reading list for a happier and healthier life.

Well there they are! 8 simple steps to to boost your health this summer. Try one or try them all. I highly recommend trying Schweppes Sparkling Water in Black Cherry. You can head over to your local Shoprite and find it in the beverage section.

What changes do you plan to make to be healthier this summer? Share your thoughts by commenting below!


  1. DRINK MORE WATER is the one major change I’m making this Summer. It sounds like a no brainer but I keep a log of my daily water intake to make sure I’m getting enough. I am losing weight and staying hydrated helps keep my skin looking healthy. I don’t care for plain, old tap or bottled water, I’m more of a sparkling water and water enhancer type. I can’t wait to check out Schweppe’s new addition.

  2. Eating breakfast, and not just breakfast but a healthy breakfast and drinking more water are my too big ones. When the Texas summer heat rolls around I don’t feel like eating (unless it’s ice cream or something like it). These are great tips that everyone can truly apply to their life.

  3. These are great tips!! The hardest for me is stepping away from electronics! There is always something to do with the blog, that I find it hard to step away!!

  4. These are beautiful changes that you can make this summer to keep yourself healthy. It’s definitely important to get enough sleep and stay hydrated! On top of that these tips are all awesome!

  5. I will be honest I wasnt the best water drinker. I just came from Bocas and I drank mostly water when I was out there and now that I am back home I am drinking more and keeping up the good habit!

  6. I must confess, though I try to implement these very tips on the daily it’s hard most days than not. Thanks for the reminder, I need motivation.

  7. I’ve been running outside for a couple of months now and I’m dreading the winter that will probably chase me in doors.

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