Jus by Julie 1 Day Juice Cleanse Review

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one day juice cleanse

I decided to take my first dive into juice cleansing by attempting a 1 day juice cleanse by Jus by Julie. After a long week of poor eating, it was just what my body needed to get back on track. There were some ups and downs along the way since this was my very first juice cleanse. I documented the entire cleansing process so I can share my Jus by Julie 1 day cleanse review with all of my HBH readers.

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When I ordered the drinks, I was asked to choose a date to ship them out because they must be consumed within 4 days of arrival. I thought that was pretty neat and I really like how flexible the delivery schedule was. I felt like I had more control on when I wanted to start the cleanse. The box arrived on time. It was neatly packaged inside an insulated box along with frozen gel packs and dry ice to keep it fresh and chill.

To make sure my body didn’t go into extreme shock, I quit junk food two days before I started and loaded up on healthy foods like fruits, vegetables, soup, yogurt, and brown rice. I also gave up coffee and started drinking green tea.

I made sure to get a good night’s rest the day before the cleanse. Alright, now on to the cleanse..

jus by julie

Jus by Julie 1 Day Juice Cleanse Review: The Process

9:00 A.M. Sweet Spin

My first juice of the day is made from spinach, kale, pineapple, banana, and mango. I knew I was going to like it from the description alone and I wasn’t wrong. It’s really good. It has a mango after taste and it’s sweet so it gave me a nice energy boost.

How I feel: My body feels fine and I don’t feel hungry.

11:00 A.M. Spicy Pomegranate

The second juice of the day is made of pomegranate, lemon, maple syrup, and cayenne pepper. I wasn’t too sure about this one at first but after one sip and I was in heaven. This one is my favorite! It taste like lemonade but with a hint of pepper. I can taste the pepper once I start to swallow. The spice really gives it a kick. Really, really good!

How I feel: My body still feels fine and I don’t feel hungry.

1:00 P.M. Dr. Green

The third juice of the day is made of kale, spinach, celery, apple, ginger, lemon, H20 and rice milk. The first two juices was going really well so I thought this would also taste good. Boy was I wrong. I couldn’t stand the taste and I struggled with this one. It took longer but I managed to finish it.

How I feel: My head is starting to hurt a bit from the lack of sugar and I’m starting to crave solid foods. I just keep telling myself, “Hang in there girl. Just three more to go!”

3:00 P.M. Chia Berry

The fourth juice of the day is made of chia seeds, pomegranate, strawberry, lemon, H20 and agave. I’m glad this was the fourth one because I needed something sweet to keep me going. This was easy to drink, sweet but not too sweet, and satisfying. The chia seeds were a bonus because they were fun to chew on and helped tie me over until the next one.

How I feel: Getting less headaches and I’m not craving solid foods as much as before. The sweetness from the Chia Berry gave me a little boost.

5:30 P.M. Island Coconut

The fifth juice is made of coconut meat, coconut milk, dates, and cinnamon. Ok, I must admit that I’m a little biased towards this one because I’m not a huge fan of coconut.  The texture was kind of lumpy because it had coconut meat in it and the coconut and cinnamon gave it an unusual flavor that wasn’t great; however,  it had a touch of sweetness so it was tolerable. One of my least favorites, but not the worse (I give that one to Dr. Green).

How I feel: My head is ok now and I feel less hungry than before. To distract myself, I start doing some laundry and watch some TV.

8:00 P.M. Xtreme Greens

The last juice cleanse. Yippie!! The sixth and final juice is made of spinach, kale, orange, pineapple, hemp seeds, H20, and lime. This was surprisingly not bad. It had a smooth texture which I liked and I can really taste the pineapple. If I had to rank the green juices in this cleanse, first would be Sweet Spin, second would be Xtreme Greens, and last is Dr. Greens.

How I feel: I feel good and I’m so proud of myself for completing the Jus by Julie 1 day juice cleanse. I gave myself a pat on the back and went to bed around 10:00 P.M.

Jus by Julie 1 Day Cleanse Review: Post Cleanse

At this point, I feel amazing and surprisingly, I can go another few days. I needed a reset and that’s exactly what I got and I feel so much cleaner. I went back to my regular, healthy diet and started exercising again (I didn’t exercise during the cleanse, because it was too difficult). Jus by Julie has 20 different juice flavors to choose from as well as booster shots, and probiotic coffee. After the cleanse, I tried their Probiotic Cold Brew Coffee in vanilla and it was really tasty. The probiotics are vegan too! You can learn more about their probiotics cold brew coffee line here.

jus by julie probiotic cold brew coffee vanilla

I plan to do another cleanse before in the next few weeks and this time I’m going to try Jus by Julie 3 Day Cleanse.

If you suffer from allergies, bloating, weight gain, fatigue, or just low energy, your body is pretty much begging you to hit the reset button. I would start off with a 1 day cleanse if you’re new to it and if you’ve tried a cleanse before, do a Jus by Julie 3 day or 5 day cleanse.

I hope you enjoyed reading my Jus by Julie 1 day cleanse review. Have you tried a juice cleanse before? Share your thoughts by commenting below!

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