How to Conquer Your Mornings Like a Boss

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Disclosure: This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of iHerb. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.

how to conquer your mornings

Starting your day the right way will help you achieve your goals for the day. This statement is so true for me. Mornings are my favorite part of the day! It sets the tone of how the rest of my day will be so, I try to start my day off exactly the way I want it to be: calm and relaxed. When I’m in the right mood, I feel more productive and can tackle my day like a boss. 

Establishing a morning routine has helped make my mornings less chaotic so I can accomplish a lot more throughout the day.

How iHerb Helps Me Conquer My Mornings

Besides having a routine down, I’ve also included iHerb Exclusives Products to make my mornings go smoothly too! All the products I use can be found at my favorite online natural products company, iHerb.

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To ensure quality, all of their products are stored and shipped directly from climate controlled warehouses. iHerb also offers customer service 24 hours a day / 7 days a week in 10 different languages. What I love most about iHerb is that you can shop right from your sofa to find the right natural products that meets your individual needs.

Below are some things I do every morning and how I incorporate iHerb house brand products to help me make the most of my day.

Step 1. Plan The Night Before

One way to ensure that you hit the ground running every morning is to do a bit of tomorrow’s work the night before. This has been the key to non-stressful mornings. Staying organized keeps me on top of everything. First, I plan my meal for the day. Then I make a to-do list while I’m eating my dinner. I’ll also plan an outfit if I’m working outside my home office or running errands, which also means me checking the weather. Lastly, I’ll go to bed on time. This step is extremely important. Sleep early every night and you will wake up fresh and raring to go the next morning.

Step 2. Wake Up Early

If I did all the right things last night, I should wake up early in the morning usually around 6:00 am. I start the day’s activities as soon as my alarm goes off because time is precious and if I lose track of it, it ruins my mood which sets a negative tone for the rest of my day. Once I’m fully awake, I’ll get up and do some stretching, make my bed, brush my teeth and wash my face with cold water. Now, I’m wide-awake to start my day. 

Step 3. Start Your Day Calm

Mornings are difficult, but when you have a daily routine in place, you know exactly what to do next. I’m feeling calm yet anxious to get my day started at this point. First off, I head to the kitchen to get the kettle going. Then, I head back to my home office and pick up the to-do list I wrote last night. I’ll look at the list again and add a few more activities to it. If there’s nothing to add, I simply allot specific times to each activity.

To maintain my zen, I like to listen to music when getting myself a cup of tea or latte and drinking it while it is still relatively hot. I’ve been enjoying Hana Beverage Non-Coffee Superfood Latte a lot lately. It comes in several flavors but Cacao & Coconut Latte is my favorite as it tastes similar to hot chocolate but healthier. Super yummy even though it has less calories and fat!

I give myself about an hour to unwind a bit before heading off to the gym.

Step 4. Head to the Gym

Now, it is time to head to the gym. Before I leave, I make sure I have all the essentials in my gym bag: a towel, earphones, lock, a snack, a water bottle, and my new favorite electrolyte drink mix from California Gold Nutrition called HydrationUP. It really takes your hydration to the next level. Each box comes with 20 on-the-go single serve packets in variety of flavors. I really like that how easy it is to use. I’ll keep one or two in my gym bag when I need to refill my water bottle at the gym.

I’ll spend about an hour total working out. I’ll do my cardio and some free weights before heading back. 

Step 5. Create Time for Self Care

Skin care is a wonderful way to practice self care. Once I’m back from the gym, I’ll take this time to pamper myself. I’ll take a shower but don’t waste too much time because my aim is self care not self indulgence. I like using Mild By Nature Cleansing Bar Soap to take good care of my skin. Each of the scents smell great but Purifying Maine Blueberry is my favorite! I like that each of the soaps are made of moisturizing goat’s milk and are cruelty-free. It’s just what my dry fall skin needs. 

Once, I’m done showering, I’ll do my full skincare routine. I added two new products to my routine to replace a few old products. Mild By Nature Witch Hazel Rose Petal to soothe and refresh my skin and Mild By Nature Camellia Care Green Tea Skin Cream to moisturize and brighten my skin while keeping it soft and youthful. Both products are cruelty-free!

Step 6. Eat a Healthy Breakfast

I’m all cleaned up, dressed and now hungry. One thing I never do before starting my workday is skipping breakfast. So now it is time to nourish my body. I’ll eat a healthy breakfast and ensure I get all the nutrients my body needs. One of my favorite breakfast go-tos is yogurt because it’s such an easy option. I topped mine with fruits like blueberries and sliced bananas. I sprinkled California Gold Nutrition Organic Chia Seeds for a little extra nutrition. I also added collagen because it has so many amazing health benefits. I typically go for marine collagen like California Gold Nutrition CollagenUP. It contains hyaluronic acid and vitamin C but is virtually tasteless. So filling and so delicious!

Now, that I’ve done everything right this morning I’m looking forward to having a productive and fulfilling day. 

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