How to Hygge in the Fall

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how to hygge in the fall

This post is all about how to hygge in the fall.

Fall is such a special time of year for so many reasons, but one of my favorite reasons is that it is the most Hygge of all the seasons. Why is it the most Hygge of all the seasons, you may be asking. Well, I’m glad you asked. Quite simply, Hygge is all about being cozy and Fall is the coziest of all the seasons. It’s that time of year where you’re getting used to being back inside all the time and your body is adjusting to the colder weather. But, how do you make Fall Hygge? In this article, I’ll show you how to Hygge in the fall.

How To Hygge In The Fall

You’ll easily learn how to hygge in the fall the right way by following these tips below!

1. Do A Quick “Spring” Clean

Before you do anything, have a quick weekend “spring” clean. After a long summer where you’re barely home it’s likely that a few things have slipped by and the house could do with a bit of a tidy. Hygge works best in a tidy home where you can really relax and feel comfortable. So spend a weekend doing a quick spring clean, open up the windows (even if it’s raining), and break out the cleaning supplies. 

2. Light Cinnamon Candles

fall cinnamon candle hygge

Ok, the candles don’t have to be cinnamon-scented, they can be plain too. But why not appeal to two senses at once by having a wonderfully fall scented candle in addition to the soft light? If you don’t like cinnamon then apple, pumpkin spice, or fig make fantastic fall alternatives. Candles and smells you love are both things that are important parts of Hygge living. So even if you do decide to go with unscented candles try to find a wonderful autumnal scent that you do love. 

3. Drink Hot Apple Cider

If fall is here that means the time for curling up with a hot drink is also upon us. For those who enjoy it, coffee and tea are always an obvious choice, but there is one that is more Fall specific that most people forget about. In fact, you may not have had it since you were a kid, hot apple cider! Hot apple cider is incredibly easy to make and I think there is no better drink that screams Fall than apple cider, yes, even more than pumpkin spice. 

4. Break Out The Throw Blankets

hygge for fall throw blankets

If you put away all the throw blankets in your house for the summer then now is the time to break them out again. Drape a blanket over a few chairs in every room so if someone gets chilly or just wants to snuggle up warm they don’t have to go searching for a blanket. Keeping them within arm’s reach of all the favorite places to sit in the house is the best way to achieve Hygge. If your blankets have been sitting in a closet for a few months consider throwing them in the laundry or hanging them outside to get some fresh air blowing through them. 

5. How To Hygge In The Fall: Bake Cookies

bake cookies hygge

Not only is baking cookies Hygge because it will fill your house with the delicious scent of cookies, but they will also leave a warm spot in your belly as you enjoy them so add this to your fall bucket list. If cookies aren’t your thing then go ahead and replace them with your favorite baked treat. Hygge is all about indulging in amazing treats for the sake of your spirit just a little bit. I recommend baking twice a week, spaced out every few days.

6. Add Rugs to Cold Floors

hygge for fall rugs

Did you know that in many colder European countries the floors of homes are heated? Yes, even in the bathroom. They never have to experience that awful sensation of a cold floor on the bottom of their warm feet first thing in the morning. Yes, you can also get that done here too, but it is unusual and expensive. A much cheaper alternative is getting rugs to put in the spaces where your toes are most likely to come into contact with the cold floor. You could also buy yourself a pair of slippers or get into the habit of having fuzzy socks on your nightstand. Whatever you decide to do, the point is to keep your feet warm!

8. Make a Fall Garland

Once all the leaves have turned and they’re falling in good numbers, head outside for some leaf hunting. Bring back the best leaves you find, along with twigs, acorns, and anything else from nature that catches your eye. Bring it all back and use it to decorate your home. Make a garland with all your leaves. Use those twigs as a centerpiece for your dining table. Bringing nature inside is a huge part of Hygge. Don’t forget to bring in some gorgeous green pine needles too. They will look fantastic…for a few weeks at least, and they will smell divine!

7. Light Your Fire

hygge for fall fireplace

If you have a fireplace or woodstove Fall is the time to start using it! How often you do it is entirely up to you but I would recommend at least once a week. While you have your fire going, turn off the tv, put the phones away, turn off the music…maybe even turn off the lights. Just enjoy the crackling of the fire and the pleasure of the people you’re with. It’s a wonderful way to catch up with your family and wind down from a long week. 

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9. Lower the Lighting

Fall is the time of year where the whole world is getting a little bit darker and your home should reflect that. Not by turning on all the lights, but by turning all the lights down. If you can, invest in dimmers for all the main rooms you spend time in. Turn the lights down and enjoy the darkness and intimacy that lower lights bring. There’s a reason why most babies are conceived between August and January. 

10. Put on Your Favorite Sweater

cozy sweater hygge for fall

Fall is here, that means it is time to break out your fall sweater collection! Don’t be afraid to wear them around the house either. There’s no reason why your house has to stay at 72 degrees all year long. The outside doesn’t stay one temperature all year long and neither should the inside. In fact, having a house that is a little bit on the cooler side can have some health benefits, like helping you fall asleep faster. So, I guess what I’m really saying here is don’t be afraid to turn down the thermostat, open up some windows for fresh air, and put on your favorite sweater!

Now you know how to Hygge in the fall. Practice these tips often to reap the benefits of less stress, less anxiety and more practicing gratitude.

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