7 Surprising Sun Protection Hacks That Really Work

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sun protection hacks

With summer fast approaching, we’re thinking of sun-dappled vacations and taking inventory of our summer clothes, sunglasses, and sun hats. One thing that can’t be overlooked is sun protection. New and interesting ways of protecting ourselves, outside of the traditional sun screen lotion, are emerging on the market. Below are seven sun protection hacks you might want to try.

1) Say Bye-Bye to Lotions

Many of us dislike the greasy feel of sun screen lotion. Thankfully, there is a surprising new type of sun protection on the market in the form of powder sunscreen. These powder sunscreens are ideal for makeup wearers as the powder sits on top of applied makeup without the shine of sun screen. It is easily applied with a brush, making it ideal for reapplication throughout the day. Three of my favorite powder sunscreens are from Bare Minerals, Super Goop and Colorscience.

2) Reposition Your Work Space

Many people don’t realize that just sitting next to a window exposes their skin to harmful UV rays. If you are working on a computer for an average eight-hour work day next to a window, that’s a lot of sun exposure. Repositioning your desk so you are not right next to a window during the summer months is a simple and healthy alternative.

3) Add Antioxidants to Your Diet

berries antioxidants

One of the best natural ways to increase our sun protection is by adding antioxidants to our diet. Food sources like berries and beverage sources like green tea can up our body’s antioxidant levels, which increase our skin’s natural ability to protect itself from a variety of light wavelengths. Oral antioxidant supplements are also available on the market and are ideal to take prior to outdoor sun exposure.

4) Use a Stick Sunscreen

Dermatologists report that one of the most overlooked areas of the body, when it comes to sun protection, is the hands. This is understandable as people don’t want their hands to feel greasy all day. Stick sun screens are an ideal alternative to traditional lotion sunscreens as they can easily be applied to fingers, palms, and backs of hands without leaving them feeling greasy. Two of my favorite stick sunscreens are from Supergoop! and Neutrogena.

5) Chill Your Sunscreen in the Fridge

Many people avoid using sunscreen because they find it a nuisance to apply with no immediate gratification. One surprising tip is to chill the sunscreen in the fridge or freezer prior to use so that it provides some chilling relief from the hot weather when applied.

6) Use Hair Protectant Oil

Believe it or not, the hair can suffer from over exposure to sun just like the rest of the body. It can be left faded and dry, but with a hair protectant oil, it can be protected from UV rays, as well as left feeling softer and looking shinier. My go-to is Ouai Hair Oil.

7) Don’t Forget your Sunnies!

sunglasses for sun protection

We are often so fixated with how to protect our skin from the sun’s harmful rays that we forget about our eyes. Eye health is just as important as protecting our skin, and the eyes are also sensitive to damage from over exposure to bright light, UVA, and UVB rays. Sunglasses provide our eyes with the necessary sun protection as well as being fun fashion accessories that can help protect the skin around our eyes from developing premature lines and crows feet. Two of my favorite sunglasses brand that offers UV protection are Illesteva and Quay Australia.

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