14 Cold Weather Clothing Hacks Every Woman Should Know

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cold weather clothing hacks

Staying warm when it is freezing can be a big challenge. The cold weather signals the need to have more clothes. You might not have enough winter clothing to keep you warm properly; however, no need to worry as there are many things you can do to keep warm during the fall and winter and still look awesome, regardless of how long the colder months will last. You will be amazed not at just how smart you will look, but also, at how easy it will be to keep warm when you use these cold weather clothing hacks.

1. Warm your clothes before wearing

Sometimes the simplest solution is the best solution. The clothes you are thinking of wearing to keep you warm are already cold. So why not run a blow dryer over your clothes or toss them inside the clothes dryer. Start with the inner side before shifting to the outer part. This will make the clothes warmer before you wear it.

2. Prevent Sweater from Shrinking

Your favorite sweater suddenly shrinks. What to do? Before you throw that sweater into the donation pile, save it with this super simple fix. Mix lukewarm water and baby shampoo in your sink halfway full and allow your sweater to soak for at least ten minutes. Doing this will relax the fibers and un-shrink your clothes. Keep flat until it dries.

3. Soft shoe inserts

diy wool insoles maya made

via Maya Made

It is important to keep your boots comfy and warm since most of the time you will be walking in your shoes. Shoe inserts like this DIY Wool Insoles absorb any moisture that finds its way into your shoes. They will make your feet comfortable too!

4. Increase friction on your shoes

When the ground is wet and have shoes with smooth surfaces, there’s a higher chance of slipping and possibly hurting ourselves. You can avert the problem by fixing sandpaper and screws on the sole of your shoes. These will give your shoes friction and increase your confidence as you walk with no fear of sliding.

5. Make Legwarmers

Cut out thick pieces of an old sweater that you do not need anymore in the shape of socks. Legwarmers are used to cover the lower legs, but they are footless. These will help keep your legs warm when you are indoors or even outdoors. Additionally, they are affordable and very easy to make.

6. Style a scarf

A scarf would be the perfect complement to a fall or winter outfit. Use a pair of scissors to cut out a piece of blanket lengthwise. After that, trim its edges according to the style that pleases you most. Moreover, you can throw it around your neck in the style you want. Making a scarf from a piece of blanket is easy and doesn’y cost you anything.

7. De-pill your clothes.

de pill your clothes cotton and curls

via Cotton & Curls

When they are worn over a long time, clothes like pants or sweaters wear out and form pills on the surface. It can be a nuissance. Nonetheless, with the help of a razor or pumice, your clothes will be as good as new. Run the razor on the surface, and it will pick up the pilling, therefore leaving your clothing very smooth and new again.

8. Dry your shoes

You are at risk of getting your shoes wet when you walk around during this cold winter season. However, with the help of a newspaper, your shoes can remain dry. Insert a newspaper leaf inside your shoe, and it will absorb the moisture. Using newspaper also helps the dry soaking leather shoes and maintaining their good shape.

9. Fold your sweaters

Putting your sweaters on a hanger pulls it out of shape. This occurs mostly on the areas around the shoulders since much pressure is exerted there. Learn to fold your sweaters, arranging them with the heaviest at the bottom and the lightest at the top. This way, they will remain intact and keep you warm during the cold season.

10. Waterproof your shoes

Waterproof shoes brit and co

via Brit & Co

The cold weather greatly reduces the number of shoes you can wear because of the wet surfaces. However, when you use wax on them, you make your shoes waterproof. Carefully melt the wax on the entire surface of the shoe and let it dry completely. No more worries if water splashes on your boots.

11. Warm your mittens in the microwave

When you and your kids play in the snow, your mittens are bound to get wet. You can warm your mittens in the microwave for some minutes to get rid of the moisture. In no time, you will be wearing them again, dry and warm as you want them to be.

12. Hang leather jackets

A leather jacket is on everyone’s wardrobe list during the cold weather. However, they are susceptible to creases when folded. To prevent this, keep them on a hanger and use a bit of tissue paper to make the ends that touch the hanger remain firm. This will increase their lifespan and ensure they don’t get old.

13. Cut a sweater to make mittens

sweater into mittens a beautiful mess

via A Beautiful Mess

The hands are susceptible to cold weather since they are exposed. Cut out matching pieces of an old sweater and sew its ends into the shape of mittens. They are very warm and simple to make.

14. Clean Your Matted Suede with a Toothbrush

I love my suede jacket but when it gets dirty, I don’t love it as much. Here’s a quick fix: Hold matted suede over the spout of a steaming teapot for about a minute, then brush the suede lightly with a gentle toothbrush to restore it. Suede is delicate so don’t rub too hard!


These cold weather clothing hacks will ensure you remain warm and comfortable throughout the cold season. Moreover, they will add a unique sense of style to your closet. These simple hacks will ensure you confidently pull through those cold months.

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