A Painfree Way to Remove Waterproof Mascara and Not Your Eyelashes

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Happy Tuesday! For this week’s “beauty tip of the week”, we tackle the challenges of removing waterproof mascara. Oh how I dread removing mascara and seeing my precious eyelashes on my fingers. The thought of your full eyelashes thinning out can be scary and if you’re not careful, half of your lashes can be gone. Well…maybe not half but losing a couple each time is so not okay. No more tugging and using so much oil cleanser product to try and get every last mascara residue. I am going to share with you a pain-free way to remove waterproof mascara!

Beauty Hack: Non-Waterproof Mascara

Before applying waterproof mascara, layer one coat of a non-waterproof one first. Yup, this is a neat trick I learned from a friend of mine and this helped save her lashes. You see, non-waterproof mascara sort of forms a film around your lashes and when using a makeup remover, it slips off easier. When used in this way, it’s sort of like a barrier that protects your lashes from waterproof mascara. So now your lashes will not only be protected from water but also be easier to remove the waterproof mascara when ready to take off. Talk about a win-win situation!

This beauty hack is such a life saver and your precious lashes remain intact.

I hope you enjoyed this beauty tip of the week!


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