Saying Bye Bye to The Peach Fuzz with Completely Bare

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Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Completely Bare Products.

completely bare hair removal

Hair removal. Oh what we ladies go through to be hair-free. Sometimes it can be painful and other times it’s time-consuming or what my mom says,  “such a chore.” Yet we continue to do it not because we enjoy it, but because of the end-result: soft, silky smooth skin.

The only thing that makes hair removal enjoyable for me is waxing with Completely Bare products because it makes the process much easier.

What is Completely Bare?

I’ve heard of Completely Bare in the past but I wasn’t too familiar with it until now and so far, I’m impressed. For as long as I can remember, I’ve always had a peach fuzz above my upper lip and it can be quite embarrassing. I also wouldn’t mind getting rid of a few stray hairs along each of my sideburns but they don’t bother me too much since it’s not super noticeable.

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completely bare hair removal-5

My friends say they can barely see it because it’s light, but I don’t care. I just can’t stand looking at it. I started using Completely Bare’s Facial Moisturizer & Hair Inhibitor on my face focusing around the upper lip and sideburns. This daily, vitamin-enriched moisturizer features Completely Bare’s Tri-complex that reduces hair growth density and length. It can also minimize wrinkles, even out skin tone, and diminish discoloration. I can already see my peach fuzz starting to slow down after a few days of use.

completely bare facial moisturizer and hair inhibitor

Another product that I love from the line is Completely Bare’s Ingrown Hair Razor Bump & Redness Eliminator. After waxing my sideburns, I use a cotton ball to apply it on my face and it helps calm down any redness. I also use this for my bikini area after waxing and/or shaving which is important as we head into summer bathing suit season.

completely bare ingrown hair razor bump and redness eliminator

It soothes the skin which is perfect for sensitive types and the aloe moisturizes and helps heal damaged skin. What’s most surprising to me is seeing no razor bumps and ingrown hairs down there. I live for this product!

completely bare facial hair removal

I feel more confident now than I did a week ago and that’s all thanks to Completely Bare. You can check out the full Completely Bare line at


  1. I have never heard of Completely Bare before. I love Ulta and get most of my beauty supplies there so I need to look for this next time I am picking up makeup.

  2. I really love this. It’s really annoying to do the hair-free duties because yeah, it’s time consuming and painful. I’ll share this to my friends and tell them, “Girls, this one is a must have!”

  3. This is something I’d like to try. I know I’ve got some peach fuzz going on and I haven’t had the time to go in for waxing. It would be convenient to get rid of it at home.

  4. Oh man, I’ll need to try this! I have a little peach fuzz I’d like to just remove and it’s impossible to do that with plucking.

  5. I never heard of Completely Bare. I am interested in trying their product and do have sensitive skin. Thanks for sharing.

  6. I have never heard of Completely Bare products before. These products are indeed awesome and can be very helpful to any girl. I will have to share this information with my sisters. Thanks for sharing these products.

  7. Ooooo if envee heard of this line before but it def Sounds pretty fabulous!! I definitely need to check this line out!

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