The Complete Holiday Beauty Prep Guide

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holiday beauty prep

When the holiday season arrives, we all want perfect skin and gorgeous hair, but you can’t start in December and expect to get good results immediately. A proper treatment takes time, which is why now is the right time to start lining up a few beauty appointments or prepping at home so when a wave of parties start crowding your calendar, you’ll be ready.

Gorgeous Smile

holiday beauty prep

With all the beauty prep we go through before a big holiday soiree, your pearly whites can be something that sometimes can be forgotten. So, add teeth whitening to your list because your holiday beauty look can’t be complete without a dazzling smile. Crest 3D White Luxe Professional Effects Whitestrips will give you results like a professional lights/laser whitening treatment at home and can last up to 12 months.  You’ll start seeing results after three days with full results in twenty, so start prepping your teeth for your first holiday event at least three weeks in advance. They only need to stay on for 30 minutes each day and eventually you’ll start to see your smile go from dull to dazzling in no time.

Crest 3D White Luxe Professional Effects Whitestrips are now part of my daily beauty routine. The great thing about these is that I can have it on while I’m doing my hair and makeup. Plus, it stays put when I’m talking or taking a sip of water.

Gorgeous Skin & Hair

holiday beauty prep


Start off with a good facial. About a week before your first holiday party or event, book a comprehensive facial or diy beauty treatment at home. Whether you want to treat fine lines, boost hydration, slough off dead skin, have congested skin, or a combination of these, start ahead of time or it might be too late to avoid disaster.


When you slip off your jacket, you want to make sure your skin looks as gorgeous as your backless dress. I like to use a body scrub daily to buff the skin and follow with a body oil or a lotion with lactic acid to dissolve rough patches. If you’re not getting good results with the body scrub, then a stronger treatment at a dermatologist office might be needed.


Those sparkly holiday dresses bring with them lots of leg exposure which means you’ve got to be a little more vigilant with your hair removal routine. If you wax, do so about five to seven days before an event and exfoliate a day before your wax treatment. On the day of your wax, prep yourself by placing baby powder or a layer of oil to the skin to minimize trauma. Don’t wax in the same area more than 3 times. If you’re unable to get all the hair out, go for a razor or tweezer. After waxing, apply a thin layer of cortisone cream or aloe vera gel on the area to help with any redness or irritation.


Book a hair appointment early to fix split ends, fried hair or for a color treatment. To give your hair a healthy, gloss look, ask for a glaze treatment or do an at-home version with avocado, coconut oil, and honey. Add half of an avocado, 2 tablespoons of coconut oil (melted) and 1 tablespoon of honey into a bowl, mix well, and apply throughout strands with a wide tooth comb. Leave on for at least 30 minutes before shampooing it out.

Gorgeous Nails

holiday beauty prep

Give yourself a quality manicure that will last up to a week so it can carry you through most of your holiday parties. What’s trending right now is a gel manicure because of its durability but if you prefer a regular polish, make sure it’s a shade with lasting appeal like the sparkly neutral shade I’m wearing above. Keep your hands soft by moisturizing it and adding cuticle oil to your nails daily. Apply a top coat the night before an event so the nails look refreshed.

If you plan to wear open toe heels, you gotta pamper your feet. A good pedicure will last you for a month. If you suffer from cracked heels, use a pumice stone for a couple of days before and apply a moisturizing cream.

Gorgeous Makeup

holiday beauty prep

It’s the big night, you’re wearing a glamorous outfit and your skin and hair is holiday ready. The only thing left is your makeup. First, prep the skin for foundation with a primer. You also want to apply a primer to eyes if you plan to wear any eye makeup. Once you’re finish with your foundation, add your eye makeup, blush, highlighter, lipstick and anything else included in your makeup routine for a radiant finish.

holiday beauty prep

I hope you found these tips useful and to learn more about Crest 3D White Luxe Professional Effects Whitestrips, head to the website.

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