7 Big Reasons Why Your Blog Or Biz Needs An Email List NOW!

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This is part of the #BetterBlogging series.

In a world where social media is king, bloggers and entrepreneurs often fail to utilize one of the most vital tools of marketing to their audience. When considering the vast reaches of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, direct email is still the single most lucrative form of online marketing, yielding impressive results and offering endless perks to those who take the time to build an email list. Whether you are an up and coming blog star or a seasoned business guru, here’s why email marketing can change the face of your brand, its profits and its reach with just one simple addition to your already stellar marketing lineup.

1. When You Don’t Have Time to Post to All Medias… Your Email List is Available on the Go.

Whether you are posting live from a local gala or sitting on the beach sipping a mojito, your email list is available to you wherever you are — no logging in to endless medias necessary. Along for the ride in the passenger seat or way up in the air jet-setting to Maui, your audience is always right at your fingertips and reaching them does not have to take hours. Another great benefit of having an email list is taking it wherever you go. If your blog or biz died for some reason, you’ll still be able to contact your subscribers.

2. Email Marketing Outperforms Social Media Efforts.

Stop and think about all the time you have spent this year alone on social media trying to make things happen — sometimes to no avail. Now consider this… many larger companies employ specific specialists to ensure that their email campaigns are flawless enough that they can lead the pack with social media still lagging in the background. While you will likely spend nothing to create your own list, for these larger businesses – every $1 spent, profits a whopping $44.25 average profit return on email marketing for these in-the-know companies. If you hustle, you can turn profits out of little to no investment simply by knowing how to make your list work for you.

3. It Costs You Absolutely Nothing.

You simply cannot afford not to cash in on building an email list. It almost always costs you nothing and for an investment of absolutely nada… you can reap a world of benefits.

4. It Gives You a Direct Line to People Who Are Interested in What You Have to Offer.

Those who sign up for your email list do so because they find value in what you offer. Otherwise, they would never have signed up. Nobody likes junk mail and if you have an opt-in form on your site… your entire email list picks you and finds what you do intriguing. 72% of email list audiences are also willing to share what they receive with their contacts.

5. Email Subscribers Are Twice as Likely to Buy Your Products.

As mentioned in the above paragraph, your email list is built by your audience… not you. Your audience is choosing you — not the other way around. This makes your readers twice as likely to buy your products. In fact, last year alone 44% of email recipients made a purchase based solely off of a promotional email.

6. It is the Simplest Way to Connect with Readers and Build Trust.

Social media is wildly impersonal. Most people who use social media use it to connect with not only the people they know best… but those they can barely remember. While your social media accounts are important to who you are as a blogger and brand, going the extra mile to connect with your readers in a more personal way helps you to build trust with your audience. Messages that arrive to your inbox simply feel more personalized and one on one, even when they are not — and yet they are still a professional way to connect with your readers.

7. It is the Only Form of Contact with Readers You Have Control Over.

When you create your own email distribution list, it is yours to keep. While that comment sounds a little too obvious, if you think about it — what control do you REALLY have over your social media contacts? If Facebook or Twitter initiated a change next week or next year, your contacts could be gone. The same principle goes for the potential of being hacked. If your account is tampered with or shut down due to fraudulent entry, you could lose the following that you have worked so hard to gain. When you build an email list… you cut out the middle man, ensuring that you always have easy access to the readers who keep your blog or business running successfully.

So…How Do You Build Your Email List and Get People to Sign Up?

With Opt-in forms.

Opt-in forms are a great way to ensure that those who visit your blog and other medias know how to stay in touch with you directly. Getting people to opt-in to your mailers is quite simple especially when you are willing to offer small rewards for getting on board. Some people offer lead magnets for sign up. Others may offer coupon code discounts specific to your brand. Do what works for you but do so in a way that does not take away from your bottom line to achieve best results.

I highly suggest using a free wordpress plugin called SumoMe to start building opt-in forms on your site. It’s super easy to install,  works on any website, integrates with your favorite email marketing service with ease, and has a plethora of tools to help you grow your list. If you haven’t noticed yet, I installed SumoMe on Hot Beauty Health and the growth has been phenomenal. It took me a few minutes to set up and has nearly tripled my daily email subscribers.

Email Marketing Solutions

If you don’t know where to start, sites like Mailchimp and AWeber are great places to get going. Mailchimp offers email campaigns for free up to 2000 subscribers and allows you to choose email designs, view analytics and connect your email list to your online store. AWeber offers a free month for many of the same features, after this, the first quarter will cost you only $32.67 — a steal for the many options available through the company’s software. Though both are a bit different from one another, both AWeber and Mailchimp are great choices for beginning bloggers and e-commerce companies looking to branch out into bigger business.

To get started, join this FREE 7-day email course so you can learn what to write in your emails plus you’ll get 20+ fill-in-the blanks email templates!

If you are already big business, Convertkit is the perfect choice for an already massive email list. Convertkit is also the preferred software for bloggers who require a seamless transition and endless options for getting their content, products and information out to their readers exactly the way they want it. With opt-in forms for both mobile and full screen, automated book marketing and more… Convertkit is the place for professional writers — hands down.

From professional blogging to extraordinary e-commerce marketers, when you build an email list… you are building success. Plain. Simple. Effective… Done.


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