4 Bad Habits Successful Girl Bosses Never Have

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Bad business habits can creep up on us before we are even aware we have begun them. Just like we can slack off on our self-care, diets, and exercise, we can begin incorporating some habits that aren’t good for us or our growth as a businesswoman. In order to begin working your way back into being a boss, it is time for you to start to shape back up. Don’t worry, this isn’t going to involve a complete overhaul of what you’re doing now. Everything that is working, keep right where it is. Instead, we are going to focus on getting some of those bad habits out of our practice for good. Here are some good places to begin getting your inner boss back.

1. Saying “Yes” To Everything

When we are first beginning a business, we find ourselves taking on clients and projects frequently because we want to keep the money coming in. Sometimes this can lead to us taking on projects that we would rather avoid and doing services that we would rather not offer. Instead of getting yourself into this trap, it is time for you to stop saying yes to everything. Not all income is good income, especially if it takes your eyes off the prize and keeps you from doing the work to drive your business to higher heights.

2. Not Taking Breaks

girl bosses bad habits

Do not let any business owner fool you: everybody needs breaks. In entrepreneur culture, there is this toxic idea that the only way to prove that you are doing the work is to constantly have a busy schedule, never sleep, barely eat, and essentially work yourself into the ground. In fact, it is a reflection of our culture at large. Nobody wins any special prizes for never resting. All not resting does is make you very tired and incapable of getting the work done that you need to. Burnout isn’t very bossy.

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3. Avoiding Goal Setting

Too many people fly by the seat of their pants then wonder why they have so much difficulty getting their businesses in order. Goal setting is something that many people avoid because they don’t want the accountability that comes with writing down goals. Those people are sacrificing their productivity and advancement because they don’t know what they are moving towards. An idea isn’t a solid plan until you have written it down and made it a plan. Don’t delay on setting your goals a day longer.

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4. Refusing To Outsource

Another toxic trait of owning your own business is believing that you are capable of doing everything on your own. You aren’t, and that’s ok. Whatever you do best in is what you must focus on. You don’t want to get in the habit of being so busy doing work you’re not good at, that it takes away from what you really began your business for. Spend the money on areas you’re not so good at and any other areas you need help in.

These are just a starting point. Everyone has bad habits that creep into their business practices. The main thing to concentrate on is weeding out those bad habits and getting back to basics. Apply these suggestions and you are going to be able to boss up big time.

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