How I’m Taking Control Of My Health With Alpha

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Disclosure: This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Alpha Medical

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Since I was a teen, I’ve struggled with acne and hyperpigmentation issues. I used to go to the dermatologist a lot during my teens and mid twenties. After graduating college, I did a number of internships and had part-time jobs but didn’t have insurance so the doctor visits stopped. I have health insurance now; however, with my busy work schedule, finding the time to visit a dermatologist can oftentimes be challenging. So when Alpha reached out to me about their offerings, I was eager to learn more and try it out.

What is Alpha Medical?

Alpha is a health services brand that offers easy access to online consultations from a team of doctors and nurse practitioners. After the online consultation process an Alpha doctor will design a prescription treatment plan that’s right for you. It’s a convenient resource for women who do and don’t have access to healthcare. They currently offer these treatments:

  • Birth Control (for insured and non-insured members)
  • Latisse
  • Skincare

My Consultation

alpha skincare

Since I’ve struggled with acne all my life, I decided to do the online consultation that would address my skincare woes. I was asked a number of questions, sent them a few photos of my face and was charged a one-time $10 consultation fee, but shipping was free. Within 24 hours, an Alpha doctor contacted me and recommended Tretinoin for my acne and hyperpigmentation issues along with an effective treatment plan. I received my box within 3-5 days and started the treatment plan right away. Can’t wait to say bye bye to acne and hello glowing skin!

Alpha also has non prescription skincare for Alpha Members: cleansers, moisturizers and sunscreens formulated to work with your treatment plan.

alpha medical skincare

Why I prefer it?

What I love about Alpha is that it makes access to treatments so easy. It eliminates the steps of scheduling an appointment to see a specialist or the hassle of standing in line at a pharmacy. The refills are automatic too so no worries about treatments being late.

Affordability is another key benefit of going through Alpha. Normally I would have to schedule an appointment with my primary doctor before seeing a specialist which results in me having to pay that “co-payment” twice and one co-payment alone is already pricey. Eliminating the costs of going to see your primary doctor alone or to make an appointment to see a specialist like an OB/GYN or a dermatologist is a huge thank you to my bank account.

Access to your Alpha doctor is no trouble either. If you have any additional questions for your doctor, you can talk to them through the Alpha platform at any time.

My results

alpha medical tretinoin

I’ve been on the Tretinoin treatment plan for over two weeks now and so far I’m happy with the results so far. I’ve been using the non-prescriptive skincare too. The first few days, I noticed a bit of dryness but that eventually went away. My skin is glowing, and looks more youthful now. The great thing about Tretinoin is that it helps with anti-aging too and I noticed the elasticity increase a bit. I know it will take months before I see results for my hyperpigmentation so I plan to stick with Alpha until then.

Being the Alpha Woman

Alpha helps women take control of their health care needs, period! Increasing access to care for some of the country’s most common, underserved and undertreated medical needs, is why Alpha was made. If you’re looking for easier access to birth control, inadequate eyelashes, and skincare, Alpha is the perfect resource for you.

alpha skincare products

Now that I’m an Alpha Woman and have experience the number of benefits with their service, I highly recommend you check them out here!

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  1. I’m out of teenager state however still struggled with acne and hyperpigmentation issues also.
    As you know, the cost for each dermatologist meeting can make me broken ;(. Thanks for sharing a saving and helpful resolution to treatment ugly acnes.

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