8 Habits Successful Women Do At The Beginning Of The Year

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habits of successful women in the new year

It’s the new year and for most people, it’s time to move ahead with new resolutions. You have all the right intentions, but when you ponder over the year you’ve had, you feel you missed out on most of your plans.

How can this year be any different? Well…for starters, don’t let the energy and passion you have when shaping up your resolution fade away when you allow your daily routines to overshadow your new year goals.

Before embarking on the new year, these are the eight habits of successful women that can guide you to accomplish what you want.

1. They Analyze the Past Year

It is not possible to move ahead by following the same routine that hinders your progress the previous year. Successful women spend some time dissecting what didn’t work for them in the past year. It could be anything from an exhausting relationship with your boyfriend to your inability to follow your fitness regime, or perhaps your lackluster attitude at work. It is smart to reflect, identify what didn’t work, and then avoid making the same mistakes. You can make changes to make things better for you, like hiring a personal trainer to motivate you, make new friends, and work in the area of your interest.

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2. They Start Fresh

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A new year is the beginning of an excellent time for you. Successful women are in the habit of starting with a positive outlook when the year begins. Don’t let any failures of the past year intimidate you from accomplishing better things this time around. If you didn’t get the best relations last year, you can learn from those mistakes and find a better companion this year. If you missed a celebration, you could work your way to festivities in the new year.

The limitation that held you back the previous years are learning opportunities to set realistic goals for the new year and doing things correctly. The fear of failing on your last year’s resolutions will only obstruct your future goals. Successful women continue to thrive for their objectives regardless of the shortcomings of previous years.

3. They Set Attainable Goals

While a new year resolution may excite you to target a new house or a luxury vehicle as your year-end goal, refrain from anchoring nonsensical goals. Successful women set different purposes altogether. You’ll find these women eyeing a new year where they focus on work, health, happiness, and charity.

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A resolution to gain a new skill toward enhancing your qualification or sticking to a weekly workout routine, is a good start. Likewise, spending time in charity drives, socializing more, meeting friends often, and treating yourself to a Bahama’s holiday are goals that you can track realistically.

4. They Build on Positive Habits

Instead of setting up goals that become a ‘race-to-an-end’ scenario, successful women work on nourishing positive habits, so it becomes an everyday thing and not something you need to strive for. You can set up positive habits that won’t set your life in a whirlwind if you happen to miss the routine or skip them.

For example, rather than planning for a complete body transformation and shedding 20 lbs in the coming year, make it a habit to commit to a healthier diet by doing a routine exercise, or go hiking once a month. Successful women don’t consider missing a habit as a failure and will resume the routine as it is part of their daily schedule.

5. They Work on Tangible Intents

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There’s an apparent inclination for everyone to set some financial goals. However, if you follow successful women, you’ll be surprised to learn that even the most successful ones keep their targets close to their achievable limits. You will not see Oprah setting her sights on making another billion and instead show more drive towards generating a better return on her investments. You need to set realistic goals that set well with your circumstances.

For example, the aim of saving $10,000 more in the coming year would motivate you to spend wisely. Likewise, aiming for a raise at work means you’ll work harder to achieve it. Having an attainable tangible goal would allow you to breakdown your actions as well. While you can’t make a significant saving in a single go, you can set a monthly target to set aside some funds for your yearly savings. Breaking your goals into smaller actionable steps will give you desired results in short intervals that will keep you motivated and excited.

6. They Set an Action Plan and Schedule

All successful women have one habit in common. After setting a realistic goal, they create an action plan and schedule it in the calendar. You need to understand that. You can’t earn an extra $1000 a month if you don’t have the steps to achieve it. You can’t buy a new car if you don’t set a plan to budget for one.

Schedule all your calendar appointments and monitor your progress. Grab a planner and set regular tasks and appointments (daily, weekly, or monthly) to keep you on track. The Your Life Planner Pack helps you do just that and more! The purpose of scheduling is not to overwhelm you, but to serve as a reminder that will keep you accountable for achieving your goals.

7. They Focus on Others

You’ll see one common trait that successful women pursue. Their resolutions are not all self-indulgent, but they take into account the happiness of those around them. It keeps them motivated to stick to their goals.

Think of a person who you would make happy if you stick to your new year resolution and achieve your goals. Maybe your daughter will feel delighted to see a healthier version of her mother or your whole family will enjoy a great vacation if you pursue your goals of saving money for holidays. Regardless of your goals, if you can think of people who would love to see your progress and benefit from it, you’ll have the drive to work towards your aspirations.

8. They Reach out and Network

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It becomes more comfortable to follow your action plan if you’ve got like-minded people to talk to and share your journey. Successful ladies are well-aware of the importance of having motivated people around them. Work on your networking and find family members, friends, colleagues, and other professionals who have the same passion and drive to attain their objectives as you.

Talk to these people, discuss your progress, and learn about their goals. Plan a monthly meeting, a get-together, or even have a drink or two at a bar. You’ll get energized when you meet everyone aiming for similar goals, and the network will be a support group for you to find reassurance and approaches to stay dedicated to your dreams and aspirations.

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