18 Best Places to Design Holiday Photo Cards

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This post is all about the best holiday cards.

The holidays are approaching and once more it’s time to look for presents for family and friends. Personalized or handpicked gifts are wonderful to receive. However, being the one to give the gifts—doing the shopping and wrapping—can be a chore that most of us can’t fit into our schedules. Thankfully, greeting cards are a classic way to remember people and let them know you are thinking of them.

Best Holiday Cards

If you don’t know where to get holiday greeting cards, you’re in luck because the following is a list of the 18 places to buy the best holiday cards this year. Many of these sites sell other forms of stationery, and some even allow room for personalization, so check that out as well.

**Keep scrolling down to find a free Christmas Card List printable you can download!**

1. Minted (minted.com)

best holiday cards


Minted is a company that makes photo cards, foil-pressed cards, ornament cards, and a lot more. The designs used are made by independent artists from all around the world. Minted lets you customize the designs you choose. You can do everything from choosing the frame shape of a photo in a photo card, the liner and label, the colors, and so on.

Minted has unique holiday card ideas. There are ornament cards, which are cards that double as ornaments you can hang on your Christmas tree. Booklette cards let the sender use up to 8 pages for photos and text for the greeting. There are minted envelopes as well to go with the personalized cards.

Cost: The cards’ varies depending on the type of card, the type of printing and paper, etc. A flat photo card printed on signature paper costs $1.63, while a Booklette card costs $2.28.

2. Card Store (cardstore.com)

best holiday cards


Card Store’s selection of greeting cards is extensive. They offer some the best holiday cards, Thanksgiving cards, Christmas cards, Kwanzaa cards, cards for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, Yom Kippur, and even Diwali. Card Store also sells photo cards that can be customized into collage, photo frame, or word bubble cards.

Cost: Cards cost $3.49, but some cards, like the collage cards, can cost as low as $0.99.

3. Tiny Prints (tinyprints.com)

best holiday cards


Tiny Prints offers everything from stationery to invitations and personalized gift wraps. They even offer photo mugs and wall décor. Their greeting card line is extensive, with cards for holidays like Hanukkah and Halloween, and events like graduations and weddings. Tiny Prints’ premium cards include foil-stamped, letterpress and laser-cut holiday cards. After choosing a design, you can change the trim, the color, and make the card either flat or circular.

Cost: Cards from Tiny Prints can cost as low as $1.39.

4. Vistaprint (vistaprint.com)

best holiday cards


Vistaprint is a do-it-yourself photo card website. They have premade designs for flat and folded cards. They also offer the option of uploading your own design or photo to the website and using them for your cards. One of my favorite places to find the best holiday cards on a budget!

Cost: Prices start at $1.00 per card.

5. Paper Style (paperstyle.com)

best holiday cards


Aside from regular holiday greeting cards, Paper Style offers boxed sets of Christmas cards. They also offer photo cards that can be customized further, as well as corporate greeting cards. Paper Style also has cards that feature movies associated with the holidays, such as The Polar Express and A Christmas Story.

Cost: The boxed sets cost $12.50 for a set of 16. Photo cards cost as low as $1.73 each. Corporate greeting cards go for $105 per 50 pieces.

6. Paper Culture (paperculture.com)

best holiday cards


Paper Culture stands out from the crowd of card-making companies because of its eco-friendly practices. The website guarantees that a tree is planted for every order. They make sure that all cards and envelopes are recycled, and that the company offsets its carbon footprint. They also promise free designer assistance with double and triple thick card options.

Designs are categorized as having no photos, 1 photo, 2 photos, and 3 or more photos. Designs are graphics or typography, photography, collages, and so on.

Cost:  Cards cost as low as $1.05 each with free delivery.

7. Picaboo (picaboo.com)

best holiday cards


Picaboo has over 170 designs. Whether you need artsy or classic or hip designs for your cards, Picaboo is the place to shop. Picaboo allows multiple photos for the card design and overall customization of the cards.

There are two types of cards: signature and premium. Signature cards use 120 lb paper, have a smooth finish, and include envelopes. Premium cards have an eggshell finish and include envelopes with the return address printed.

Cost: A signature flat card can cost as low as $1.49 for 10 cards; you only need to add $0.20 to make it a folded card. Premium flat cards cost $2.29 while premium folded cards cost $2.69 for 10 pieces.

8. Crane and Co. (crane.com)

best holiday cards


Crane has been in the stationery business for over two centuries. The company uses 100% cotton papers and wood fiber papers. They also hand-paint and hand-gild the borders of the papers they use.

Crane’s holiday cards are limited to Christmas, though there are some cards with non-holiday or “neutral” designs. Cards can be engraved of foil stamped. The catalogs on the website indicate what can be customized in cards belonging to the personalized section. You can customize the motif, greeting, font, ink, lining, and so on.

Cost: Cost-wise, Crane does not cost a lot more just because it has been around longer than most stationery companies. A box of 10 cards with envelopes cost $30.

9. The Stationery Studio (thestationerystudio.com)

best holiday cards


At The Stationery Studio, you can buy Chanukah, Christmas, New Year’s and Valentine’s Day photo cards in a variety of styles such as traditional, casual, modern, elegant and whimsical. You can also select a card based on themes such as corporate, beach, nautical, and many more. You can customize the card’s format, shape, color, number of photos. You can also add an envelope liner and return address to the envelope.

Cost: The Stationery Studio has cards for as low as $1.25 each. The website also offers cards by other shops like Crane and Co. for as low as $3.14.

10. Shutterfly (shutterfly.com)

best holiday cards


Shutterfly photo cards come in flat, folded, 3/4 fold and trifold formats and and four kinds of sizes. After selecting a design, you can customize the card’s paper, trim, color, and format. Depending on the design, you can add as much as seven photos to your card.

Cost: Cards from this website cost as low as $1.27 per piece.

11. Pinhole Press (pinholepress.com)

best holiday cards


Pinhole Press is a site that specializes in photo cards and other forms of stationery, including gifts for grandparents. Their line of holiday cards includes accordion, trifold, and flat card varieties.

Cost: An 8-photo flat card costs only $1.59 while an accordion photo card with 8 photos costs only $2.29. The pinstriped ultrathick cards cost only $2.09. For questions, you can participate in the live chat offered by the website.

12. Rock Scissor Paper (rockscissorpaper.com)

best holiday cards


Rock Scissor Paper is a stationery site owned and operated by sisters Susie and Heidi Bauer. They employ printers from within the location of their store, the San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles. All of the products use soy-based inks and recycled paper.

The designs are quirky, colorful and very youthful. Also, the designs are not limited to Santa, Christmas trees and other common holiday motifs. There are cute designs of foxes in sweaters and record players with a touch of Christmas color.

Cost: A box of ten cards and envelopes costs $15. Rock Scissor Paper also has mini card-versions of their Christmas cards. These smaller versions cost $5.75 for 4 pieces and measure 2 x 3 1/2 inches.

13. Pear Tree (peartreegreetings.com)

best holiday cards


All of Pear Tree’s products use matte-finish card stock that is post-consumer recycled.  The photo paper cards use semi-glossy luster finish photo paper. Pear Tree has all kinds of Christmas cards–vintage, classic, religious, and modern designs. There are also cards with foil stamping. Besides the traditional landscape, portrait and square cards, Pear Tree offers circular cards and cards with unique shapes. You can also opt to buy a card with special features, like unique folding, a photo frame, or a photo book. There are even cards that can hang or that are interactive.

You can also find cards for holidays like Rosh Hashanah, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah and the New Year.

Cost:Pear Tree cards cost between $1.25 and $6.72 per piece.

14. Simply to Impress (simplytoimpress.com)

best holiday cards


Simply to Impress lives out its tagline, “unique, affordable, simply impressive.” Cards from this website come in a variety of designs, including “greetings from the pet” cards. All card designs are fully customizable.

Besides Christmas cards, Simply to Impress offers New Year’s cards, Chinese New Year cards, Diwali cards, Kwanzaa cards, and corporate greeting cards.

Cost: Cards at Simply To Impress cost as low as $0.78 per piece for a classic matte single-sided card and envelope. For those needing the cards within 2 days, the website offers rush or lightning printing. Rush printing cost $9.99 plus shipping and handling, while lightning printing costs $16.99.

15. Photo Affections (photoaffections.com)

best holiday cards


Photo Affections sells classy holiday photo cards for as low as $0.62 per piece, including the envelope. The design process is easy. All you need to do is choose a design, upload a photo, finalize the design, enter the return address for the envelopes, and confirm your order. Photo Affections also has custom photo cards that can be used for any occasion. You can add up to 5 photos per card and print these cards with a glossy or matte finish.

Besides the traditional Christmas and Hanukkah cards, Photo Affections offers Baby’s First Christmas cards, and cards from the grandparents or from the pet.

Cost: As low as .62 per piece including envelope.

16. Hello! Lucky (hellolucky.com)

best holiday cards


Hello! Lucky is run by two sisters and takes pride in the sustainability of its products. Each card is painstakingly designed and approved so that it stands out from run-of-the-mill cards with puns and so-so designs.

Hello! Lucky features cards with muted color schemes and hand-drawn, artsy vibes that stand out from other greeting cards. Each card costs $5 but a set of 6 costs only $16. Cards are printed on 100lb ecru 100% recycled paper and come with pre-made greetings on the front and/or the inside of the card.

For those who want to shop from Hello! Lucky in person, there are stores in the US, UK, Australia, Belgium, Canada, The Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, and Singapore.

Cost: Each card costs $5 or $16 for a set of 6.

17. Paperless Post (paperlesspost.com)

best holiday cards


Paperless Post sells photo cards that are used as online greeting cards (hence the term paperless). In the holiday card section you will find cards for Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s, Hanukkah and Kwanzaa. Paperless Post collaborates with designers like Kate Spade New York, Jonathan Adler, and Oscar de la Renta. Products are customizable and the look and feel of each e-card proves what its founders set out to prove–that cards can still be personal and mean a lot even if they are sent online.

If your recipient prefers the traditional paper greeting card that comes in an envelope, Paperless Post also offers printed greeting cards (as well as its other products, like stationery and invitations).

Cost: A flat card costs .02 cents for the digital option, and $1.57 when printed.

18. Artifact Uprising (artifactuprising.com)

best holiday cards

Artifact Uprising is the brainchild of professional photographer turned CEO Jenna Walker. Her love for photography was what led to her putting up the company. Artifact Uprising believes in creativity, passion, and environmental responsibility—values that echo in the work that the company does.

Artifact Uprising’s photo card collection lets you customize the greeting and choose up to 9 photos. You can even grab photos from your Instagram or Dropbox. Cards come in single-sided flat or 3-in-1 card variants. The 3-in-1 card lets the recipient use the card as a photo print or tag, making your card something useful and memorable even after the holidays are over.

Cost: The holiday collection uses 100% recycled paper for the cards and envelopes and costs as low as $1.50 per card.

And there you have it—18 places to shop for the best holiday cards and greeting cards this year. Check out these websites to see which cards fit your design sense and budget the best.

Christmas Card List (Free Printable!)

A free Christmas Card List printable that you can download to keep all your names and addresses all in one place as well as keeping track of holiday cards you have written and delivered. You can even save the list in a binder or folder to reuse it year after year.

Here’s a free Christmas Card List printable that you can download to keep all your names and addresses all in one place as well as keeping track of holiday cards you have written and delivered. You can even save the list in a binder or folder to reuse it year after year.


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