25 Elf On The Shelf Ideas That Are Totally Genius

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This post is all about elf on the shelf ideas.

Happy Monday! Wow, I can’t believe Christmas is almost a month away. Do you have an elf that shows up to your home each year? Do they like to come out and play on December 1st and stay until Christmas Eve? Elf on the shelf is a super fun tradition for many families that kids love. Now is the perfect time to start getting in on all the fun!

Elf on the Shelf season is a holiday tradition that has taken households by storm. Since the elf was introduced in 2005, he’s become a favorite of many families. We started this Elf on the Shelf tradition years ago in my home and we’ve been doing it every year now since. If you’re new to this toy, and you’re looking for a few Elf on the Shelf ideas, there are plenty of options to get you started.

So to help with all the shenanigans, I gathered up 25 Elf On The Shelf ideas that will make your kids laugh and giggle.

The Elf On The Shelf Kit

elf on the shelf kit

If this is your first time doing this Christmas tradition, you can order your own Elf On The Shelf kit on Amazon.com.

What Can I Do With Elf On The Shelf?

There are countless ways to display your elf during this festive season. While this is a fairly simple toy, it can be posed in all kinds of ways. The only real limit is your imagination.

Some households like to treat the elf as a troublemaker, the naughty elf that’s always getting into mischief when no one is looking. Other households have a sweet elf that’s more likely to hand out presents than play pranks. You can pose the elf on his own or get other toys in on the fun.

I’ve personally hid an elf under a tissue box, in a silverware drawer, in a cookie jar, had one drawing on a family photo with a dry eraser marker and even one taking a bubble bath in a pile of mini marshmallows. Hey, even elves love a spa day, LOL. You can definitely come up with a great idea or two and get the whole family involved.

If you look for Elf on the Shelf ideas, you’ll see all kinds of elaborate displays, but simple poses can be a lot of fun too. What makes this toy so special is that you can decide how to incorporate it into your holiday traditions. Give your elf a name and start thinking about how you’d like to pose this toy for your kids.

It’s a good idea to plan ahead and start thinking about what you might want to do with your elf before the holidays roll around. That way, you’ll be able to make sure you have all the supplies you need. While posing the elf can be tons of fun, make sure you don’t overdo it. Have a few simple Elf on the Shelf ideas on your list so that you can get some rest if you’re starting to feel burnt out.

What Is The Last Night for Elf On The Shelf?

Usually, households start posing their elf on the first day of December. Each morning, your little one will love waking up to find the elf posed in a new way. It’s a wonderful family tradition and the perfect way to get your kids into the holiday spirit.

Since elves are Santa’s helpers, most families have their elf say goodbye to their families on Christmas Eve. Your elf will need to fly back to the North Pole so that he can be there to help Santa bring presents to kids the next day.

Your elf’s last night can be the perfect opportunity for a big send-off. You could create a more elaborate display, pose the elf with a sweet goodbye message, or even have the elf give your kids a goodbye gift. After that, you can put your elf away and start thinking of new elf on the shelf ideas for next year!

Elf On The Shelf Ideas

At first, coming up with 25 different poses for an elf may seem exhausting. How many ways can you pose one toy? Once you start looking at some of the many ideas that people have found for their elves, however, you’ll see that the possibilities are virtually endless.

Of course, you don’t necessarily have to come up with a brand-new pose for every single day of December. If you need a few days of rest, there are ways to have your elf take a break. Look over these elf on the shelf ideas if you need a little inspiration for your house’s elf. Remember to keep your Elf on the Shelf fun this holiday season!

Elf Kissing Booth

Such a cute idea! Your kids will be thrilled to see the elf arrive if he brings a sweet treat along with him. This free printable kissing booth is easy to print out and set up. All you’ll need is your elf and a handful of Hershey’s Kisses. Definitely one of the more sweet elf on the shelf ideas! // via Living Locurto

2. Elf Grocery List

If you’re looking for a quick and easy idea for your Elf on the Shelf, grab a scrap of paper and write a quick grocery list or a holiday to-do list. Put the list in the elf’s hands and scatter some coins nearby. He’ll look like he’s getting ready to go shopping! // via Mom vs The Boys

3. Elf Playing Hoops With Three Wise Men

Set up a fun game. You can easily display your elf alongside some of your other holiday decorations. If you put your elf near a miniature basketball hoop and create a scoreboard, you can make it look like the little elf is having fun with the three wise men! // via A Small Snippet

4. Elf Taken Hostage

Kids love seeing the elf interacting with their other toys. Tape your elf to the wall and pose a few toys around him. Not only will he look like a hostage, but your kids will have a chance to come to the rescue! One of my favorite elf ideas! // via Flickr

5. Elf Snow Angel

Even if there’s no snow outside, you can give your elf a chance to have some fun in the snow! Sprinkle a little flour on your counter and let the elf make his own snow angel!

6. Elf Kisses

It’ll feel like Christmas has come early if your elf brings your kids a small gift! Put a bag of Hershey’s Kisses in your elf’s hands and pair it with this sweet printable message. // via The Inspiration Board

7. Elf Getting Into Mom’s Mascara

It’s likely that your kids have tried to get into your makeup at least once. Now, the elf can get into the same kind of mischief. Take a tube of mascara that you’re ready to toss out and pose the elf with it. Your kids can catch him red-handed!

8. Elf Attacked By Lego People

If your kids are into collecting LEGO, you can make their toys a part of your elf display! Compared to tiny LEGO figures, your elf will look like a giant! One of those elf on the shelf ideas that’ll make your kids laugh out loud.

9. Elf Hands In Piggy Bank

Sometimes, it can be more fun for kids to track down the elf when he’s a bit of a troublemaker! Tie a mask around your elf and make him look like he’s trying to get into your kid’s piggy banks! You can even ask your kids to catch the burglar. // via Watch Out For The Woestmans

10. Elf Minion Bananas

If your kids are big fans of Minions, and you have a bunch of bananas on hand, you’ll definitely want to give this idea a try. Even if you’re not an artist, you can easily make banana look like Minions in disguise! // via Fancy Shanty

11. Elf Cocoa Party

There’s nothing like the feeling of drinking a hot chocolate on a cold day. You can pose your elf with some of the ingredients you need for a hot cocoa, and you can make your kids a drink once they discover him! // via Sweet C’s Designs

12. Elf-sized Donuts

If you invest in a few miniatures, you’ll be able to come up with all kinds of amazing Elf on the Shelf ideas. You can pose your elf with a box of tiny donuts or find other elf-sized props.

13. Mischievous Elf

For some kids, looking for the elf on the shelf hiding is just as fun as finding him. Hide your elf in the fridge and have him play a prank by drawing silly faces on your eggs.

14. Toothpaste Elf

You can have your elf get into trouble, or be on its best behavior by encouraging your kids to develop healthy habits. Pick up a travel-sized tube of toothpaste and a child-size toothbrush and make it look like he’s brushing his teeth. You can even give the toothbrush to your kid!

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15. Elf Doctor’s Note

If you’re busy and could use a break from posing your elf, have Dr. Frost write him a doctor’s note. If your elf is under orders not to move for a few days, you’ll have a chance to get some much-needed rest. One of the more creative elf on the shelf ideas! // via Living Locurto

16. Exercise Elf

After your elf’s gotten some rest, he’ll be itching to get some exercise! You can easily make an elf-sized weight with a straw and some marshmallows.

17. Elf Sipping On Syrup

If you have Barbie dolls in your house, why not make it look like Barbie and the elf are getting into trouble together? Give them each a straw and have them share a bottle of sticky-sweet syrup to satisfy their sweet tooth. // via here

18. Elves Zip Lining To Tree

Posing one elf can be a challenge, but it can be even trickier to find a pose that’s fit for two! If you have more than one elf to display, use some toilet paper and have the elves zip line in the living room towards your Christmas tree.

19. Elf Toilet Paper Snowman

If you’re looking for more ways to pose your elf with toilet paper, you can turn a stack of toilet paper rolls into a snowman. Place is as decor near the bathroom sink or on top of the toilet. Your kids will laugh when they see the elf’s head poking out of the top! // via Frugal Coupon Living

20. Elf Snowball Fight

Extra rolls of toilet paper can also be used to create barricades for an indoor snowball fight! You can have two elves toss snowballs at each other or have the elf face off against some of the other toys in your house. If there’s snow outside, your kids might want to get dressed and have a snowball fight of their own! One of the most fun elf on the shelf ideas on this list!

21. Elf Hide and Seek

Kids love playing hide and seek, and the elf can play along with them. Pose the elf with a note that tells them an item has been hidden. Your kids will have a blast tracking down the item you’ve tucked away.

22. Elf Stuck In A Glass

It can be a lot of fun for kids to have the chance to “rescue” the elf. Try trapping the elf under one of the glasses in your cupboard. You may want to give him a “help” sign to make things more fun!

23. Elf Being Naughty With Toilet Paper

If your elf loves leaning more towards naughty than nice, you’ll love this silly toilet paper pose. Not only is it guaranteed to make your kids laugh, but it’s something that you can set up in just a few minutes! Such a fun idea!

24. Mission Impossible Elf

If your kids love movies like Mission Impossible, have your elf go on a mission of his own! Create a candy cane harness and pose him above a candy jar or bowl of sweet treats. One of the coolest elf on the shelf ideas!

25. Elf Sack Race

If you have a bunch of old paper lunch bags in your cupboard, and you’re looking for a fun way to use them, why not include them in an elf display? Put the elf and some other toys and stuffed animals in the bags, and they’ll look like they’re in the middle of a sack race! // via Pickle Head Soup

It’s easy to see why these Elf on the Shelf ideas are so popular. Posing this toy can be fun for parents and kids alike. Whether you’re new to having an elf in your household or are simply searching for a few new ideas, make sure you put these suggestions to good use this holiday season!

Which elf on the shelf ideas will you be trying this year? Share your thoughts by commenting below!

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25 Funny Elf On The Shelf Ideas That Are Totally Genius. With this list, your kids will love all the mischief your elf will be doing this holiday season. Tons of easy ideas that will last up to Christmas Eve. Click pin for ideas!

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