How To Minimize Holiday Cleaning Stress With Bona

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Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Bona but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

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This post is all about holiday cleaning.

Do you often end up running around frantically to get your home clean and holiday ready? If so, you are far from alone. The days leading up to the holidays have a happy knack of sneaking up on you, when you are least prepared. Don’t they?

Nonetheless, being short of time to spruce up your home is not a good enough excuse to avoid doing it properly. If you believe that you can get away with dusting your shelves and pushing your clutter under the sofa, I’m gonna need you to rethink your strategy.

How To Reduce Holiday Cleaning Stress

So, today I’m going to share with you 6 tips to reduce holiday cleaning stress so you can get your home prepared with the smallest amount of effort.

1. Declutter Home Before Decorating Home

Don’t put off decluttering your less than tidy home, until the holidays actually arrive. It is far better to do this ahead time though (at least a week), if at all possible. You can find a large box and use this to put unwanted items in, including decorations from previous years that you will no longer use and store it in a temporary location. Then when you finally have some time, give the box to a local charity shop, to help those who are less fortunate and free up some much needed space in your house. It’s a win-win!

2. Focus on the Kitchen

cleaning kitchen for holidays

During the holidays, the kitchen in your home is often used as a communal area, so it is important to ensure that it looks and smells nice. Do the usual like wiping down counters, moping the floors, cleaning out fridge and etc. Also, most people, when they do weekly cleaning chores, don’t pay much attention to their windows or baseboards. So don’t forget to add these areas to your cleaning schedule. In addition, remember to dust your light fixtures and use hot water to flush your sink drains.

3. Maximize Your Efforts With High Quality Cleaning Tools

bona powerplus system

Before the holidays arrive, purchase some good quality cleaning products that have long-lasting effects. Preserve your energy by acquiring the right tools that will help you cut down on cleaning time. For example, when I’m cleaning my hardwood floors, I like to use Bona PowerPlus System because it keeps my floors super clean.

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The entire system comes with Bona Premium Microfiber Mop, a Deep Cleaning Pad, and Microfiber Dusting Pad and a Hardwood Floor Deep Cleaner. The entire PowerPlus system has helped me cut down on cleaning time this holiday season.

For my initial clean, I used Bona’s PowerPlus Hardwood Floor Deep Cleaner and the PowerPlus Deep Cleaning Pad. To maintain the clean, I use Bona Premium Microfiber Mop and the Microfiber Dusting Pad.

4. Stick to a Holiday Cleaning Schedule

It’s fine to overlook certain things while you’re rushing off to holiday parties and events. Nonetheless, there are some cleaning chores that need tending to. For example, doing the laundry and washing dishes. If you neglect to do these things regularly, you’ll end up making more work for yourself and you’ll end up stressing yourself out. Come up with an easy holiday cleaning schedule that you can refer to each day or week to complete these tasks. Honestly, this is a good habit to get into, even once the holiday season is over.

5. Maintain The Clean

ask for help when cleaning

Guests always leaves things lying around even when they make an effort to tidy up. It’s really out of your control so don’t let it stress you out. You can keep your home much more orderly, if you spend some time touching up areas to maintain the cleanliness of your home. Have easy solutions readily available like disinfectant wipes for spills and Bona’s Premium Cleaning Pad and Microfiber Dusting Pad to maintain floors.

6. Ask for Help

how to reduce holiday cleaning stress

Your holiday cleaning would run more smoothly if you enlist the help of others. My mom and I usually tackle the cleaning ourselves before and during the festivities, but when my other family members are available, they chip in too. Often, your family are more than happy to assist! You can have your teenagers and older children take coats from guests when they arrive, and help set the table. If your brother excels at turkey carving, ask him to get to your house earlier to get it ready. Don’t forget, the day should be enjoyable for you too.

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The holidays should be time spent on loved ones and enjoying the season. If you want to learn more ways to reduce holiday cleaning stress, Bona has some smart solutions for you right here!

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