23 Clever Apartment Organization Hacks That’ll Save Your Sanity

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This blog post is all about the best apartment organization hacks for your small space.

apartment organization hacks

Apartment living can definitely offer a number of perks, especially if you have a busy lifestyle and you want to avoid the responsibilities and time commitment needed for yard care and property maintenance; however, the downside with apartments is that they are generally smaller than a typical stand-alone home, meaning utilizing some creative apartment organization hacks can come in very handy.

The Best Apartment Organization Hacks

Just because you live in an apartment or small space doesn’t mean it has to be cluttered or disorganized. Check out these clever apartment organization hacks to make the most of your small-yet-mighty home.

1. Make Use of Empty Wall Space

It’s easy to overlook the extra space you have available on the walls throughout an apartment but utilizing this space can really help to keep you organized while decluttering other areas. For example, corner shelves can be a great place to display decorative items, but they can also be an excellent place to store books or other things you use frequently.

Additionally, a shelf installed over a door can be used as a bookshelf in a bedroom or you could store tissues and toilet paper on a shelf over your bathroom door. The space between the top of a door and the ceiling typically goes to waste, but a simple shelf is quick and easy to install and can be used to store items up and out of the way.

2. Organize Kitchen Drawers

There are a wide variety of draw organizers that can help you keep everything neat and tidy. Sort drawers by category, then keep similar items grouped together to ensure you can find what you need when you need it. Small bins that fit inside drawers can organize flatware, serving utensils, can opener, pens or anything else that finds its way into your kitchen drawers.

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3. Over the Door Organizers

When you want to maximize the space in your apartment an over the door organizer is the perfect solution. You’ll be able to organize and store shoes, bathroom essentials, cleaning supplies, kitchen storage containers, and more. The best part about using these organizers is that they can make apartment organization simple and they take up almost no room. Slip the organizer over the top of a door and you’ll have a storage solution that will be out of sight once the door is closed.

4. Magnetic Strips and Wall Organizers for the Kitchen

Make your kitchen as user friendly as possible while saving precious drawer space. Kitchen knives can be mounted directly on a magnetic strip on the wall near where you do your cooking prep work. It’s a great way to protect your knives while keeping them close at hand. While you’re at it, add some wall mounted organizers for holding ladles, whisks, spatulas and other kitchen utensils all within easy reach. Many of the tools we use everyday in the kitchen can take up a lot of prime storage space, move it to the wall and you free up drawers and cabinets for other things.

small apartment storage ideas

5. Make Use of the Space Under Your Sinks

Sure, you probably already store soap, sponges and other items under your kitchen and bathroom sinks; however, with a little effort, you can maximize that space to fit more than you ever thought possible. The important thing in saving space is to ensure that you keep everything organized, something that can be tricky without the right tools. For example, small stacking storage shelves can double your storage capacity because most people don’t make use of the vertical space under a sink. You can also add hangers for paper towels and garbage bags on the door or wall in the area under the sink.

6. Adhesive Backed Hooks

Whether it’s a hook or two on a bathroom door for holding towels and robes, on the kitchen wall to hold pots and pans or you put some hooks in a closet to hang your handbags, simple adhesive backed hooks can make organizing your apartment easier than ever. Also, because there are no screws or nails used to install these hooks, you won’t have to worry about damaging the walls.

7. Get Your Bath or Shower Space Organized with a Shower Caddy

Part of keeping your apartment organized is getting everything put away into its own designated spot. With a shower caddy or two, you can store all of your bathing necessities in one handy location. You can put your shampoo, conditioner, body wash, loofah, and bath sponge neatly in a shower caddy and it will be up off the floor or ledge of your shower. This will definitely help keep your shower looking neat and organized while eliminating the cluttered look of bottles and accessories spread out around the shower stall.

8. Peg Boards are an Amazing Organizational Tool

Many homeowners use pegboards to store workshop tools in a garage, but these simple boards are also perfect for organizing your apartment. You can use a peg board to hold bulky pots and pans, colanders, hot pad holders, box grater, rolling pin and other kitchen necessities. These items can be hard to store, but there’s no need to take up space in cupboards or drawers, simply hang them from the peg board with an hook and you’ve solved the storage problem.

Of course, a peg board can also help keep your office space, bedroom and even laundry area organized. There are all types of holders that can attach to the peg board, so it’ll be easy to find a place for all types of items.

9. A Rolling Kitchen Pantry

One area where many people don’t even think about storing things is the space next to their refrigerator. Chances are you have a gap of several inches between your refrigerator and the wall, this is probably enough space to slide in a rolling pantry. This simply rolling organizer allows you to store all of your spices, kitchen bags, canned goods and other small items, all within easy reach. The sliding pantry eliminates the need to store items on your kitchen counters or in that high value cabinet space.

Making use of this often overlooked area can be a great way to maximize your kitchen storage options. This is the one of the most clever apartment organization hacks on this list. I never would have thought of it!

10. Roll Up Drying Rack

Another great way to save space in a small kitchen is to ditch the big, bulky dish drying rack that many people have sitting next to their sink. Instead, opt for a small, roll-up style drying rack that sits directly over your sink to save space on your counters. You can take the mat out when you need it, then roll it up when you’re done and store it away until it’s needed again.

11. Baskets are Ideal for Storage

Large baskets can add interest to your decorating theme, but they can also act as convenient storage options. Consider an attractive basket placed in your living room or bedroom to use for holding extra blankets and pillows. Fold the blankets neatly and arrange them for a comfy and cozy look. This is also a great way to keep a lap blanket or extra throw close at hand for those times when you feel a little chilly.

12. Save Space with a Kitchen Cart

The kitchen is often one area of an apartment where it can be difficult to find enough storage and work space; however, a kitchen cart will not only provide an additional work surface, but many carts come with a drawer or two as well as a couple of shelves that can hold larger pots or your collection of cook books. Even better if you choose a kitchen cart with wheels! When you choose a cart with wheels, it can also easily be rolled out of the way when you’re not using it.

13. Stackable Bins for Bulky Items

If you have kids and you’re looking for an easy way to store some of their bulkier toys, consider stackable bins. These bins are available in many colors and they can make a child’s bedroom or play space look bright and cheery. You can add bins as needed and they make an excellent storage solution that even the littlest kids will be able to use. There are endless possibilities, making them ideal for anyone looking for a space saving solution for kids and adults.

14. Cabinet Hooks for Tea and Coffee Cups

Kitchen cabinets are often filled so full it can be hard to find what you need. An easy way to get more space from your cupboards is to screw small hooks or a long bar with multiple hooks into the underside of a shelf; this creates a great space to hang your tea and coffee cups, leaving the space underneath them free for plates or other dishes.

15. Wire Dish Stands for Cupboards

Simple wire stands can be placed in your cupboards to create more vertical storage space. Place a wire stand over a stack of plates and you’ll have an extra level where you can store your bowls or cups. These stands are very inexpensive and can be used for dishes, spices, canned goods, or in the bathroom for your cosmetics or toiletries.

16. Under Bed Totes and Storage Containers

There is generally a great deal of floor space that is occupied by the beds in your apartment, make sure that you’re utilizing the space under the beds to your advantage. There are special storage containers and totes that are specifically designed to slide under beds. The low profile makes them a perfect solution for tight spaces but gives plenty of storage for out of season clothes, extra towels, sheets, pillows, and blankets. Some storage containers even have built in wheels making them easy to slide in and out from under a bed.

17. Honeycomb Wall Shelves

An attractive minimal storage solution for a hall, entry area, bathroom or bedroom walls are these honeycomb shelves. These shelves makes for unique looking decor while also being used to provide space for plants, candles and more decor items. It’s one of my favorite apartment organization hacks on this list!

how to maximize space in a small apartment

18. Hanging Wire Baskets

Wire baskets can be hung from the side of your refrigerator, over a towel bar, on a peg board, or from chains in the ceiling. The wire baskets are easy to use and can vary from small organizing baskets for makeup and toiletries to larger baskets for produce, flowers, or just about anything you can imagine. Hang wire baskets in the bathroom for extra towels or wash clothes or hang them on the inside of your closets for belts and ties.

Small wire baskets can also be mounted on the inside of a cabinet door and are perfect in a pantry for holding small spice packets or treats for the kids. Look for those places where you could use a little extra storage and consider the wire basket that’s right for the job.

19. Install a Peg Coat Rack

A peg coat rack can certainly be a great addition in a foyer and will provide an easy solution for storing coats and jackets, but don’t rule out using it in other areas of your apartment. Consider placing one in your bedroom closet to organize shoes or install two or more racks on a wall to hang hats, purses, belts, sweaters, kids’ clothes, the dog’s leash and collar, or your winter gloves. You’ll find many uses for this handy peg rack.

20. Double or Triple your Closet Storage with a Chain and S Hooks

If you dread tackling your bedroom closet, don’t worry, there’s a quick and easy solution. You can double or triple the space you have for hanging clothes when you utilize a tiered hanging method. Simply place an S hook over the clothes rod in your closet and hang a chain from it. You don’t have to use a metal chain from the hardware store if you don’t want to, there are some very attractive plastic chains that will work just fine.

They are available in a multitude of colors, so you can add some pizzazz to your closet. Once you have the chain in place, simply hang shirts or smaller items in several of the links down the length of the chain; you should be able to hang two, three or even four items on the chain, utilizing only one hanger space on your clothes rod.

21. Use Large Chests for Your Coffee Table and End Tables

When looking for apartment organization hacks, consider using large chests for your coffee table or end tables. A chest can hold extra clothes, blankets, books, toys, or things you don’t use on a regular basis. Smaller chests make excellent nightstands or end tables and can also be filled with various items you want handy but not necessarily taking up valuable closet or drawer space.

22. Utilize Secret or Hidden Storage Solutions

Look around your apartment for some creative storage solutions. Maybe you can replace your living room ottoman with one that also offers a little extra storage. You can keep games, electronics and other small items inside an ottoman. Other options include beds with storage drawers built in as well as dining room benches that can also provide extra storage as well as seating. Making a piece of furniture do double duty is an important part of getting the most out of a tight living space.

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23. Add Bathroom Shelving Using Spice Racks

These slender spice racks are great for storing your spices and dried herbs but they can also provide you with an excellent storage space inside your bathroom. Place it in an area of the bathroom convenient for you to add your skincare essentials as well as all those little things you can’t figure out where to store them.

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