12 Dollar Store Kitchen Hacks That’ll Blow Your Mind

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dollar store kitchen hacks

Organizing your kitchen doesn’t have to be expensive.  With just one trip to the Dollar Store, you can organize your entire kitchen! Seriously? These insanely clever organizing hacks will declutter your entire kitchen from top to bottom and you won’t hurt your wallet either.

Check out these 12 Dollar Store kitchen hacks below!

1. Storage Bins

These Dollar Store storage bins are perfect for the pantry or just about anywhere you need to keep your stuff organized.

dollar store storage bins refresh restyle

via Refresh Restyle

2. Cooling Rack Organizer

Give your spice rack a mini makeover with just a few cooling racks!

cooling rack organizer crafty house

via Crafty House

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3. Kitchen Drawers Organization

Give your embarrassing utensil drawer a complete makeover with this kitchen drawer organization method.


via Domestically Creative

4. DIY Tablet Holder

Take a dollar store cutting board and turn it into tablet or recipe book holder for the kitchen to make it easier to search for new cooking recipes.

dollar-store-tablet-holder-wood-cutting-board-hunt and host

via Hunt & Host

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5. Coffee Station Drawer

No more fumbling for coffee essentials in the morning with this genius drawer organization hack.

kitchen coffee station unlikely martha

via Unlikely Martha

6. DIY Spice Racks

These spice racks can work out perfectly for your pantry! Not only are they awesome, they’re super cheap!

diy spice racks the stonybrook house

via The Stonybrook House

7. Upright Freezer Organization

If you have an upright freezer, use this organization hack to easily find and keep track of foods!


via Time with Thea

8. Magazine File For Paper Goods

Live in an RV? This magazine file hack is a really cool and cheap way to store your paper plates and other paper goods.

RV hack magazine file paper organizing made fun

via Organizing Made Fun

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9. DIY Junk Drawer

Have a “junk” drawer in your kitchen? Organize it to easily find things with this method.

junk-drawer-with-bins-across the blvd

via Across the Blvd

10. Dollar Store Cake Stands

Store your bakery goods on stands using cute milk bottle vases and chalky paint from the Dollar Store for a fresh farmhouse look!


via Michelle James Designs

11. Over-the-Door Snack Holder

Use this cool hack to store snacks and other items that don’t necessarily need to be kept in their boxes.

snack organization money saving queen

via Money Saving Queen

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12. DIY Colorful Utensil Holder

Decrease drawer clutter in your kitchen with these colorful utensil holders!

Utensil_Jars-for rent

via The Homes I Have Made // tutorial via For Rent

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