11 Unexpected Ways To Decorate Your Home With Plants

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decorate your home with plants

Plants are a surefire way to update the look of any room in a snap. Fresh, green and with an endless variety of colors and textures, plants are also versatile enough to be placed in creative ways indoors. Start with these 11 fun and creative ideas to decorate your home with plants and give your indoor spaces a quick and natural facelift.

1. Pegboard accent

pegboard planter

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Frames, a narrow shelf of books and trinkets and even jewelry are the usual options for decorating a pegboard unit that you use for decor and storage. Why not add a few pots of greenery on there? You can hang cheap IKEA planters filled with lavender for a relaxing accent in the bedroom, or filled with herbs for your pegboard in the kitchen.

2. Hang ’em up

hanging plant

Hanging plants are great if you lack space. Macrame plant hangers are cheap and popular and they come in bright colors that add more depth and fun to any room. Hang near windows, on room corners or right next to the door for the perfect accent. You can opt for hardy plants that do not need a lot of watering, like airplants and succulents, if you want to go this route. You can also hang pots directly onto the walls. Create a gallery out of uniform white pots filled with succulents which are perfect for the living room or the bedroom.

3. Living wall art

wall plant decor

Like I said before, indoor plants can literally be placed anywhere. This makes them the perfect option for wall art. Use square or long rectangular boards as bases and keep them next to framed pictures for a unique, wall art look. You can also work with staghorn ferns, orchids and other plants with unique, structured shapes to achieve this look.

4. Kitchen ledge collections

plants in front of kitchen window

One way to make sure that your indoor plants get enough sunlight is to keep them near the windows. Line up your collection of herbs and decorative plants on the kitchen ledge to keep them healthy. This way you keep herbs within easy reach and you reduce the temptation to use the kitchen ledge for clutter.

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5. Plant centerpieces

centerpiece plant

Plants are great centerpieces for living room and dining room tables. You can use one pot to decorate a table for a minimalist touch, or cluster a couple of containers of different varieties to make it more interesting. You can do this for console and side tables too. From single plant pots to entire container gardens, your options are only limited by the size of your table and your imagination.

6. Jungle feels

green window sill

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You can group a couple of plants together in one corner to cover a window that leads to a not-so-great view. Create your own little jungle view with a few tall plants with big leaves, orchids, ferns, and some succulents thrown in for good measure. Throw in a comfy chair and ottoman and this nook can double as a great reading space for one.

7. Green Bookends

green bookends

Why spend on extra items when you can use multi-purpose items like potted blooms? Use two pots of succulents to keep books in line. You can also use cut flowers arranged in small containers if you want something less permanent. This is a great way to recycle Valentine’s Day bouquets that you are not ready to throw away. Not only do they work perfectly, they give your boring bookcases a splash of fresh color.

8. Test tube chandelier

test tube chandelier

This is a great short-term decor idea especially if you have cut flowers lying around. Airplants and other plant varieties that thrive on water will work well, too. Hang on the wall over your desk or over the window for a pop of fresh color. Buy it here!

9. Tiny pots for tiny spaces

If you have unused spaces in the house or your bedroom, you can install small shelves for cute garden vignettes using small pots. Small version of succulents decorated with gardening stones and other plant-friendly decor can bring a small, unused space to life.

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10. Standing plant space-keeper

plant space keeper

That extra space between your dresser and the wall which has stood unused for so long just needs a big pot of something green and leafy. Standing plants that are tall give depth and dimension to any room but make sure you bring in a plant that is in proportion with the rest of the furniture.

11. Long, hanging plants

long hanging plants

Hanging plants provide a great accent to bookshelves and other high spaces. Place them on the topmost shelf so they can drape down to the side for a dramatic and fresh accent. You can also hang a couple of pots along the window to create a natural curtain that keeps you cool at the same time.

These are just 11 out of the hundreds of ideas that you can decorate your home with plants. Whether you have a cramped condo or a house with vaulted ceilings, your space can do with a quick and fresh pick-me-up that only these natural, green beauties can give.

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