39 Gorgeous Small Apartment Christmas Decor Ideas For 2021

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The holiday’s has finally arrived so today’s post is all about small apartment Christmas decor ideas to create festive spaces throughout your home. Whether you live in a small studio apartment or a cramped space, the struggle is always the same: creating beautiful holiday decor well throughout your small apartment.

I totally get it. When I was living in a small apartment, I was hesitant to put up Christmas decor. I was afraid the Christmas tree would take up too much space in the living room. Putting up Christmas decor is a challenge with little space, but it’s still possible to transform your apartment into a festive one filled with holiday cheer.

I learned along the way that there are so many ways to add little touches throughout your apartment.

Check out these small apartment Christmas decor ideas below to bring the magic of Christmas to your little apartment.

Small Apartment Christmas Decor: Living Room

1.Wall Hanging of Wreaths

Try hanging multiple Christmas wreaths to get a gallery wall effect. Even better if you combine different sizes and textures for a more organic display.

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2. Make a Wall-Mounted Christmas Tree

Don’t have space for a giant tree or any size tree? No problem! This wall tree is such a great idea instead a bringing in a traditional tree to save space in your already small apartment! It’s such a fun DIY to do that’s economical and simple. If you can’t fit a real tree, this is perfect for tight spaces.

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3. Add Festive Decor In Front Of Window

While windowsills can sometimes be narrow, it’s still a great space to be optimized this Christmas season. Decorative objects like these ceramic potted plants is a phenomenal idea! You can also arrange candles and ornaments on a platter, hang string lights, you name it to add that festive touch.

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4. Add a Festive Centerpiece To Your Coffee Table

In the living room, the coffee table is the perfect spot to add a festive centerpiece without taking too much space. All you need is a tray and Christmas-y decor to transform the living space.

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5. Utilize Every Corner

With a small apartment, there’s not many areas to decorate so utilize any space you can find. See an empty corner? Use that as extra space to add an end table, put up a mini Christmas tree, add a holiday bar cart, decorate the wall with Christmas cards and etc.

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6. Stock up on Dewdrop Lights

You can’t do Christmas without fairy lights? I love adding these in my space. Fairy lights are so chic and add a festive warm glow to your holiday decor. It just gives off this magical ambiance. Don’t you think?

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7. Create a Christmas Altar

Create sort of like a Christmas Altar on top of a side table. Gather your Christmas decorations like ornaments, small ceramic trees, pictures and even a Christmas-themed quote. You should also add a few scented candles to put you more in the holiday mood.

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8. Stick To A Color Scheme

Whether it’s red and green, neutral colors or all white theme decor, stick to one color scheme so it feels less cluttered especially in a small space. If I had to choose, I would go with a white theme as it gives a more minimalistic vibe.

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9. Add Hanging Christmas Decor To The Door Handle

With your small apartment, you should do everything you can to free up floor space. One overlooked spot to place your decorations is your apartment door handle. Add a pretty ball ornament on the door frame, tie some greenery or possibly hang a Christmas sock on it.

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Small Apartment Christmas Decor: Kitchen

10. Create a Hot Cocoa Bar

Let’s be honest, you’ll be sipping a bunch of hot chocolate anyway to stay warm so you might as well create a festive space somewhere on your kitchen counter.

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11. Hang Garland

Adding a Christmas garland around your kitchen window is such a simple way to dress up your kitchen. Add Christmas lights/dewdrop lights, pinecones, holiday cards and etc if you like so it feel festive.

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12. Add Christmas Decor In Every Corner Of Your Kitchen

If you like the idea of living like a Christmas movie, then have fun adding Christmas decor all throughout house especially the kitchen since there’s so many places to decorate. Hang garlands, Christmas stockings, change linens, add Christmas items on shelves, cabinets, cupboards, countertops, in the dining area…you name it!

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13. Add Snow Globes

These DIY Snow Globes are a fun way to decorate for the holiday season. Find a space like the top of the bottom cupboard or counter to place several snow globes and can create your own winter wonderland.

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14. Dress Up Your Napkins For The Dinner Table

These beautiful DIY napkin rings can easily dress up your dining room table. All you need are cinnamon sticks, evergreen twigs, napkins, and craft twine to tie it all together.

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15. Create a Coffee Bar

Christmas and coffee go hand and hand. A great way to celebrate the season and add some festive flair is with a colorful coffee bar. Grab your favorite holiday mugs, add some holiday candy like candy canes, and your favorite holiday coffee to create a beautiful display.

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16. Hang Decor Over The Door

Hang a wreath over your kitchen door. It’s such a neat and simple idea! You can find mini wreaths at places like Target, Walmart, West Elm and even at the dollar store to save money.

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17. Hang Them Over Every Cabinet Too!

Go all out and hang wreaths over every cabinet in your kitchen. Again, a great way to decorate the interior of your apartment without taking too much space.

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Small Apartment Christmas Decor: Bedroom

18. Add a Small Tree In The Bedroom

A mini tree is perfectly suited for a small space like the bedroom. You can keep it simple by just adding Christmas lights to it.

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19. Add Natural Holiday Decor

Adding nature like flowers on top of your drawer is a simple way to add Christmas decor to your bedroom. Especially when you opt for holiday colors like red, white, green and gold accents.

20. Turn Your Bedroom Mirror Into a Wreath

If bold holiday colors is not your thing, go for a simple and modern approach in your bedroom. Turning your bedroom mirror into a wreath by adding cedar branches around it is simply genius and so chic!

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21. Add Decor Above The Bed

Hang Christmas lights and decor above the bed using a birch log. There’s something about sleeping under the glow of twinkling lights that seems so soothing.

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22. Change The Bed Linen To a Festive One

This is the easiest thing you can do to make your bedroom more festive. Tartan pillows, Christmas theme cushions and even red and white themed linen will do.

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23. Add Garland Around The Bed Frame

Find a plain or snow themed garland and hang it around the front of your bed frame for a quick Christmas upgrade.

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24. Get Holiday Throw Pillows

Make your small space more festive with ease by switching out some of your pillows with holiday-themed one.

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25. Get a Festive Blanket

When curling up in bed to stay warm, you’ll need a thick cozy blanket. Why not wrap yourself in a festive one?

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26. Add Cute Frames

Switch out your everyday prints with Christmas ones. Some of my faves are Christmas-themed quotes and holiday-inspired printables. It’s a great and easiest way to add holiday decor to your bedroom.

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27. Hang a Holiday Banner

Adding a celebratory holiday banner is always a good idea. It’s easy way to add a touch of Christmas to your space.

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Small Apartment Christmas Decor: Bathroom

28. Add Decor With LED Lights

I love the idea of adding decor that uses LED light. It’s the cutest decoration for a nighttime glow.

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29. Add a Christmas-y Bath Mat

Such an easy switch. Find a festive one to replace your current one and you’re all set!

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30. Add Little Details

For the minimalist apartment, all you need is a hint of red and green decor and maybe even a holiday-themed printable to give your small bathroom a Christmas upgrade.

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31. Add a Garland Around Your Bathroom Mirror

Grab some greenery like this faux cedar garland and place it around your bathroom mirror. Add decorations and a scented candle with a gold accent candle holder to it so it looks even more festive.

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32. Hang Ornaments On Your Shower Curtain

I never would have thought of this! Find some cheap ornaments at the dollar store or Target and hang them on the shower curtain hooks with a red ribbon.

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33. Place Decor Over The Toilet

This is usually the first area I like to decorate in my bathroom because my toilet is against a plain boring wall. A beautiful wreath would make the perfect decor!

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Small Apartment Christmas Decor: Front Door

34. Decorate The Front Entrance

Beautiful your front entrance by hanging Christmas decor from the ceiling, along the hallway and even along the edge of the walls. Use command hooks to hold it in place.

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35. Add Garland Around The Front Door

We’ve talked so much about ways to decorate the inside of the apartment but what about the outside. One simple way is to add a garland and hang lights around the front door.

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36. Add a Festive Door Mat

Nothing says “I’m in the holiday spirit” like a festive doormat. There are so many cute and clever ones to choose from too. One of my favorite things to add.

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37. Turn Your Front Door To A Snowman

If you have a white front door, get crafty by turn it into an actual snowman.

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38. Or The Grinch?

If a snowman is not your thing, how about a grinch? Whichever you decide, both would be a fun DIY project to do by yourself or with friends on a weekend.

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39. Hang Decor In Front Of The Door

Sometimes it’s the little touches like simple hanging decor that makes all the difference.

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I hope you liked my small apartment Christmas decor ideas post. For more holiday decor ideas, check out:

Happy Holidays!

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