Fall Fashion Survival Guide

Fall Fashion Survival Guide

fall fashion


Fall is here and it’s finally time to start implementing some of the major fashion and beauty trends of the season into your wardrobes and beauty regimen respectively. Stay fabulous and on-trend this season with the help of our Fall Fashion Survival Guide.

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Your Go-To Fall Trends For 2015

Hot Beauty Health brings you the biggest and hottest trends you need to know, right off the runways. Use this guide to stay on top of the latest fall fashion and beauty trends!

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How to Stay Fashion Forward This Fall

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Here are 5 easy ways to stay fashion forward and warm this season.

1. Stock up on Chic Accessories

There aren’t enough ways to define how powerful your fall 2015 wardrobe can be and it all comes down to the little things. Custom leather hand bags, patterned scarves and oversized beanies are just the short list of fashionable items to choose from. The key to keeping your accessories synced with your personality is simplicity and attention to detail. Many designers feel less is more and you never want to distract from your amazing wardrobe.

2. Add Color

Multiple colors carries special significance, but the important idea to remember during color selection is versatility and experimentation. Some of the favorite colors of fall 2015 include dried herb, cashmere, marsala, desert sage,  and all the fun color combinations with contrasting shades of natural and bright. These colors represent bold and vibrant hues for eye catching attention. Look for these colors in coats, shoes and other forms of outerwear for a head turning experience.

3. Mix Textures

Make your outfits work effectively for fall 2015. Have fun mixing cotton with lace or silk pieces or leather with fur pieces. The key to mixing texture effectively is to stick with one statement piece then have little pieces of other textures.  One common texture mixture seen at many of the Fashion Week catwalks is the blend of leather and wool. Fall coats and other forms of outerwear have been combining these two textures for a lightweight experience.

4. Build Your Own Style

You don’t need to be fashionable to be stylish. There are plenty of amazing styles to choose from this fall, but what is most important is developing your own. Choose a few of the popular color patterns and expand an entire wardrobe. Be sure to stay within reasonable taste related to your desired image. Take chances but most importantly feel comfortable in your style improvement.

5. Layer like Crazy

Layering is essential for fall so make the most of your closet with flattering pieces. Use this wardrobe essentials checklist below to help you build a strong foundation. Most of these are likely already safely tucked away in your closet:

fall fashion

  • Jackets: Look forward to leather jackets, denim, pastels, houndstooth, and oversized coats. Your jacket will be on full frontal display, so be sure to make it one of the centerpieces when creating your fall outfit.
  • Denim: There’s nothing wrong with sticking to neat boot cut jeans, but don’t be afraid to explore. Denim trends like boyfriend jeans and flare jeans, as well as khaki complexions, dark blues or light acid washes are also perfect choices for fall.
  • Sweater: Cream or burgundy knitted sweaters will be a common sight. Layer these colors with button down shirts underneath it and solid color jeans. Also, be sure the shoes you choose support the sweater of your choice.
  • Leather: Leather is an absolute must this season, but take a different approach and use it in the bottom half of your outfits. Leather skirts may have been extremely popular in the summer, but they have returned and will be a new sight in the city in the fall so don’t be surprised if the trend catches on. I would suggest trying this look with a chunky sweater and booties.
  • Flats: I saw flats everywhere on the fall 2015 runways. Flats with fun prints or color can give your fall outfit contrast. Flat boots will be everywhere too because they are a great way to edge up your look.
  • Heels: Leather boots and heels are a must. This fall, sandal boots, laced up heels, pretty prints, and leopard sneakers have taken over the fall’s trendiest footwear designers. Allow your new pair of choose to become the foundation to brilliant outfit selections.
  • Jewelry: We love a piece that makes a statement like a necklace! Pair it with a chunky sweater or high neck tops!
  • Handbag: Choose between animal print, dark leather or custom makes depending on the flow of the day.
  • Scarf: Solid and print knitted scarfs are most popular to layer in this year’s fall wardrobe.
  • Dress: Dresses are one of the most crucial centerpieces for fall and there are so many combined styles and pattern mixtures to choose from. Be sure to choose a dress that personifies your essence.

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