16 Inexpensive Friendsgiving Decor Ideas You’ll Want To Copy

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This post is all about Friendsgiving decor ideas.

friendsgiving decor ideas

Many of us enjoy Thanksgiving so much that we’ve concluded that one day of celebration isn’t enough. That’s where Friendsgiving comes in. Friendsgiving is the mashup of the word “friends” and “thanksgiving and the term has been around since 2007 but only became official in 2020.

Perhaps recent happenings played a key role in this, proving that there’s so much to be grateful for. Friendsgiving is a fantastic opportunity to express gratitude. And who better to celebrate life with than your chosen family — Your friends?

Well, if you’re throwing a Friendsgiving celebration this year, here are some extremely cute (and cheap) Friendsgiving decor ideas for the best party:

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Cheap Friendsgiving Decor Ideas

This year you can start a new tradition and host your very own Friendsgiving. I’ve scoured the net and found cheap Friendsgiving decorations that look expensive enough to impress your guests.

1. Cute Friendsgiving Invitations

friendsgiving invitations

First and foremost, invitations! If you haven’t already sent out invitations, why not do it specially? There are many options on the internet, including some really cute Friendsgiving invitations like this one on Etsy. These are affordable because it’s a digital download which means you can customize it at home and have it printed yourself or at an office store like Staples or Fedex.

I usually like to send actual Friendsgiving invitations because I believe it gets your guests thinking about the amazing event you have set for them. It also makes them look forward to your Friendsgiving decor. Lastly, invitations have a formal feel to them, which heightens the excitement. If a downloadable version doesn’t tickle your fancy, there are plenty more cute printed options based on the vibe you’re going for on Amazon and Zazzle.

2. Showstopping Centerpieces

Would you like to be the host of the decade? Nothing screams grace, elegance, and style like a grand centerpiece! Contrary to what most people think, you can get an amazing centerpiece at an affordable price. Granted, it’s the center of your table and will be the talk of the group if picked right.

3. Table Runner

Looking for Friendsgiving table decor ideas? If you consider yourself a practical person, you’re probably looking for table decor that you could re-use later. Well, the table runner will be one of the Friendsgiving decor ideas you consider perfect.

For your event, it will tie all the decor together. Later, you can use it as a valuable addition to your interior decor. Table runners are cute and trendy, and better yet, cheap!

4. Photobooth Wall

To make the memories last a lifetime, create your own DIY Friendsgiving photo booth wall. For the decorations, use items found on this list that will be special to you and your friends. This way, it becomes personal. After the party is done, you could enjoy some pictures celebrating the year that’s gone.

5. Friendsgiving Photo Booth Props

Why not make your photo booth a bit witty with creative and funny photo booth props? These Friendsgiving decor ideas will take the fun to the next level. Besides this, they will also foster long-lasting memories that you can have forever to remember this Friendsgiving party you threw.

6. Fancy Dinner Plates

Who doesn’t enjoy elegant dinnerware? For special occasions, I adore using good dinner dishes, but I refuse to pay the price. These beautiful disposable Friendsgiving plates are not only better than cheap paper plates, but excellent quality tableware and are ideal for any occasion.

7. Friendsgiving Cups

Another addition to your dinnerware collection. They will be the final touch for a Friendsgiving table setting for a gorgeous setup. You won’t have to clean them up at the end of the night, which is the best part for you unless you want to keep them for another year. (they’re made of durable plastic, so I’m confident they’ll last!). Be sure to get some Friendsgiving napkins too.

8. Pinata

Are you interested in trying something different? Add a turkey piñata to the mix! It’s the ideal Friendsgiving decor idea to let go and have a good time!

9. Friendsgiving Cake Topper

If baking is a must-do for all your events (I believe desserts like cake and pie are the perfect celebration icon), then a cake topper is the way to go. It’s a great way to conform to the Thanksgiving theme. It also shows that you put a lot of thought into making this a memorable night for your pals. I also like this style I found on Etsy.

10. Friendsgiving Party Games Card Set

Is it really a get-together with friends if there aren’t any games? While dinner is cooking, pass the time with some festive games. Football, chess, or even a card game are all options. After dinner, play a Friendsgiving party game to amp up the excitement.

11. Friendsgiving Banner

Friendsgiving banners are the best Friendsgiving decor ideas if you prefer to make a statement. They are inexpensive but undoubtedly conspicuous! I really love this Friendsgiving banner I found on Amazon. Hang it where your Friendsgiving party will be held, and you’ll have a charming decor piece in no time. If you’re looking for a garland that will make you laugh, I found plenty of funny ones you can purchase on Etsy.

12. Gold Friendsgiving Balloons

What’s a Friendsgiving theme party without gold balloons? Because gold is a traditional Thanksgiving/Friendsgiving color, these balloons fit in well. Confetti balloons, whether gold or rose gold, are a delightful addition to any party. They’ll instantly give your Friendsgiving party “trendy vibes” while keeping your Friendsgiving decor budget in check. As such, they’re sure to be a hit at your Friendsgiving gathering! So, definitely add these balloons to your Friendsgiving party supplies list.

13. Friendsgiving Balloon Banner

A Friendsgiving balloon banner might provide a nice backdrop for your photos if you don’t have a photo booth. All you have to do now is pick the ideal location and utilize it as a Friendsgiving wall decoration. This is one of the best Friendsgiving decorations on this list!

14. Paper Straws

Biodegradable paper straws with various patterns in pink and gold foils are available. These will bring a festive touch to your Friendsgiving gathering as well as other party favors. Even better, use Friendsgiving straws with inspirational words. Put them in a cup for each person at the table, and you’ll have a charming table setting in no time. I also found a similar style at Target as well as other cute Friendsgiving decor at Target.

15. White Pumpkins

White pumpkins are the type of Friendsgiving decor ideas that will always add an elegance touch where ever they are placed. Adding them around fall foilage (i.e. fall leaves, pine cones, etc) and greenery will spruce up your table decor and they’re inexpensive. If you’re looking for DIY Friendsgiving decorations as well, you could totally paint these gold, black or whatever color you desire.

16. Friendsgiving Thank You Tags

Last but not least, make sure your visitors don’t leave empty-handed. Give them a little something extra to take home. As a finishing touch, affix these tags to the take-home treats and add a heartfelt thanksgiving note.

Friendsgiving Decorations

These Friendsgiving ideas are key to the best party of the year! Now that you have this incredible list of cheap Friendsgiving decor ideas, you’ve got to nail it.

What exactly does that imply? That means you should start gearing up for the best Friendsgiving party with all of your closest friends! Remember, you can have the most expensive-looking party without going broke with these 16 Cheap Friendsgiving Decor Ideas!

Which of these Friendsgiving decor ideas is your favorite? Share your thoughts by commenting below!

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