10 Fun Friendsgiving Theme Ideas That’ll Up Your Party Game

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This post is all about Friendsgiving theme ideas.

friendsgiving theme ideas

You may have received an invitation to Thanksgiving before, but when your friend asks you to throw a Friendsgiving, you start scratching your head because you don’t know what it is. Well, Friendsgiving is similar to Thanksgiving and has a comparatively lower guest list. It’s a holiday gathering of some of your closest friends, and you can celebrate the day in the week leading up to Thanksgiving.

Many people have already made Friendsgiving an annual tradition over the years. However, if you are still not sure what it is and how you can throw a Friendsgiving party, you can follow this guide for Friendsgiving theme ideas.

What is Friendsgiving?

As the name suggests, Friendsgiving combines the words Thanksgiving and Friends. It means you get to celebrate with some of your closest friends whom you consider as family. Here’s Urban Dictionary definition of it:

The celebration of Thanksgiving dinner with your friends. This usually occurs on the Wednesday before or the Friday after Thanksgiving Day, since Thanksgiving is usually reserved for family gatherings.

Suppose your mother is throwing a Thanksgiving party this year. She calls your uncles, aunts, nieces, nephews, and a few other relatives whom you don’t really know all that well. You feel awkward sitting in the middle of the Thanksgiving dinner making small talk with others and hoping to get back to your room as soon as possible.

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It may not turn out to be the Thanksgiving that you like. But Friendsgiving gives you the opportunity to feel free to invite only the people you like and feel comfortable talking to. You can make the party even more fun with anyone of the Friendsgiving theme ideas I share below!

Make A Guest List

To prepare for your Friendsgiving celebration, make a guest list and get your invites together early so guests can rsvp on time. You can mail out the invitations or do it solely online through sites like Evite.

Friendsgiving Theme Ideas

Now that you know what Friendsgiving is and who to invite, you may want to go through a few Friendsgiving theme ideas that will up your party game. Here are a few Friendsgiving theme ideas that can surprise your friends and make the party a massive hit.

1. Sweet tooth Friendsgiving

Celebrate the bonding of your sweet tooth and loving friends with a candy-themed Friendsgiving party. You may keep desserts ahead of the main course for this theme. Moreover, you can replace your traditional Thanksgiving appetizers with various sugary treats and hot chocolate. Additionally, you can also get a chocolate turkey instead of a roasted turkey and multiple gummy candies in different colors and flavors.

2. Pajama Friendsgiving

friendsgiving pajama party

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This is one of the more fun Friendsgiving themes on this list? Pajamas are the ultimate outfits that make you feel at home. You slip into your pajamas whenever you want to lie down underneath your blanket in your bed. Fortunately, you can turn this into a Friendsgiving theme. Call up your friends and tell them that you are hosting a Friendsgiving pajama party. Ask them to come over with their favorite pajamas, and then you can decide what to do later at night.

Maybe you can watch a horror movie or gossip your heart out. Have your guest play card games while eating snacks like chips, crackers and popcorn, before or after the big Friendsgiving feast. You can even set up a photo booth in the living room. There’s a bunch of things you can do to make your pajama party entertaining!

3. Musical Friendsgiving

Thanksgiving focuses primarily on the different types of dishes you prepare for your guests. But since you can do anything you want on Friendsgiving, why not make it a musical evening! Share your favorite holiday songs and instrumentals with your friends and sing along as you roast the turkey. Alternatively, you can keep the karaoke tracks of your favorite songs and tell your friends to sing as the music plays. Karaoke nights are fun, and it can become a fun-filled evening, especially if you organize it on Friendsgiving. One of my favorite Friendsgiving ideas on this list.

4. Netflix Friendsgiving

With Netflix releasing new shows and movies almost every month, you can organize a Netflix-themed Friendsgiving this year. The setup is simple. Make tons of popcorns, keep your friends’ favorite appetizers ready, clean your bed or couch wherever you want to watch your TV from, and check the sound systems before your friends arrive. With tons of movies and shows to choose from, you can spend an entire evening or night watching the best premieres on Netflix with your favorite friends. It’s such a relaxing Friendsgiving party idea!

5. Pie party

Another one of my favorite Friendsgiving theme ideas! While pie is an essential dish on Thanksgiving, you can host a Friendsgiving party based on a pie theme. Make a rule that every friend that comes should bring the best pie that they can make. Pecan pie, pumpkin pie, apple pie, sweet potato pie, you name it! Additionally, you can judge a few different types of pies your guests will bake prior to coming and create a contest where the best pie-maker wins a gift and be sure to buy some props too. It’s a fun theme where everyone feels involved and has equal interest to win the contest.

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6. Pumpkin-carving Friendsgiving

This is again a type of contest where every participant must carve their preferred designs on pumpkins. As the host, you can arrange the pumpkins before your friends come over. You can give your friends some time to scour through the internet to check some of the popular pumpkin-carving designs. Whoever carves the best design gets a prize. You can later use the pumpkins as decorations for your home on Halloween. To complement the competition, you can make pumpkin-related recipes, such as white hot chocolate with boozy pumpkin or stuffed pumpkin with gruyere.

7. Blessed Friendsgiving

Sure, Friendsgiving is a day when you and your close friends would love to enjoy to your fullest. However, you should also think of those who can’t afford to celebrate Thanksgiving or Friendsgiving. Isn’t it a noble idea to start a fundraiser and donate the money to your local charitable organization or buy food and clothes for the homeless? Their blessings would make way for more fun-filled Friendsgiving in the future. Remember, putting a smile on the face of a homeless person can come back as a million blessings in disguise. Therefore, don’t let an opportunity pass to help the needy.

8. Game of Thrones Friendsgiving

Although Game of Thrones left many viewers wanting for more, you can always use your imagination to throw a potluck style Game of Thrones Friendsgiving dinner. It’s one of the most elaborate Friendsgiving theme ideas that you will ever come across and may require detailed planning. First, make a menu list of the dishes you want to make. Check out the episodes to find out the type of food that the show had. For example, you can have your guests make lemon bars, head cake pops, or stuffed dragon eggs. Don’t forget to hang a banner that says “Winter is Coming” to get everyone in the mood for the theme.

9. Taco Friendsgiving

friendsgiving themes

Tacos are one of the most popular dishes among youngsters. You can make it in three different ways: soft taco, medium grilled taco, and deep fried taco. If your friends love Mexican food and Mexican music, you can turn your Friendsgiving into a taco party. Similarly, you can follow other Friendsgiving theme ideas depending on the cuisine you love.

One of the reasons why most people host a taco Friendsgiving party is they don’t need to spend a lot of time in the kitchen and it’s budget-friendly. All you have to do is prepare the meat and keep the tacos ready. Steam or fry according to how your friends like them. Have your guests enjoy their tacos by making a signature cocktail. I mean who doesn’t love cocktails.

10. Whodunit Friendsgiving

Solving a mystery can be a good way to celebrate Friendsgiving. It creates an element of surprise and thrill, especially when everyone is looking for the clue that can take them ahead in the game. You need to plan this theme well ahead of time. Pick out a whodunit story and create different clues. Hide these clues in different parts of your house. Share the story with your friends and ask them to come dressed according to the characters they want to play. Give everyone the first clue that leads to the second one. Set a timer and tell them that the first person to solve the mystery wins a prize.

Make your Friendsgiving celebrations one to remember for a long time by inviting some of your best friends. Plan ahead of time to implement the above Friendsgiving theme ideas to perfection. That should surprise your friends and make them want to host similar parties at their houses in the upcoming years to continue the tradition.

Which of these Friendsgiving theme ideas would you love to host? Share your thoughts by commenting below!

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