8 Moroccan Recipes to Spice Up Your Winter

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moroccan winter recipes

North African Dishes are big on flavor, spices, and aroma. I had my very first experience with a Moroccan chicken dish a couple months ago and I’ve been hooked on Moroccan food ever since.

Looking for Moroccan recipes that are simple to make and will warm you up from the inside out? Check out these winter-friendly Moroccan recipes to find an authentic dish for your next meal or special occasion.

Moroccan Winter Recipes

1. Moroccan Beef Tajine

A creamy and meaty stew that’s perfect for healthy Mediterranean cooking. // via Recipe This

moroccan beef tajine recipe this

2. Moroccan Sheet Pan Chicken

A richly spiced chicken that has all the flavors of Morocco. // via The Wanderlust Kitchen

moroccan sheet pan chicken the wanderlust kitchen

3. Spiced Moroccan Chicken Wrap

It’s the perfect little portable sandwich wrap to enjoy if you yourself are a kitchen alchemist, or at least like to eat like one. // via The Cozy Apron

spiced moroccan chicken wrap the cozy apron

4. Moroccan Chicken Lentil Soup

A delicious and healthy chicken lentil soup for you to cozy up with this winter. // via Fit Mama Love

moroccan chicken lentil soup fit mama love

5. Healthy Moroccan-Spiced Chickpea Bowl

A comforting, vegetarian-friendly Moroccan-spiced chickpea bowl to enjoy on Meatless Mondays. // via A Simple Palate

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a healthy moroccan spiced chickpea bowl a simple palate


6. Moroccan Orange Cake

This orange cake is the perfect dessert to end your Moroccan meal. // via Cooking With Curls

moroccan orange cake cooking with curls


7. Moroccan Spiced Coffee

A fragrant blend of dark coffee and warm spices that’s easy to make. // via The Hungry Traveler Blog

moroccan spiced coffee the hungry traveller blog

8. Moroccan Spiced Mint Tea Julep Cocktail

There’s no better cocktail than one made with bourbon to warm up you up during cold weather season. // via Home Cooking Memories

moroccan spiced mint tea julep cocktail recipe home cooking memories

Which Moroccan winter recipe(s) would love to recreate? Share your thoughts by commenting below!

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