3 Quick Fixes for Overstressed Hair

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Disclosure: This content was sponsored by Aussie but all thoughts and opinions are my own. I hope you enjoy following along! #ad

Having strong, hydrated, healthy hair is what all women strive to achieve. We work hard to have it by doing timely hair treatments and taking hair vitamins; yet, still end up having the same issues. Some of my biggest hair issues in the past were caused by one styling tool- the flat iron. I would use it, almost every day to make sure my hair was perfect before walking out the door. Overtime, it left my hair overstressed. My strands were dry, flat, would break off, and it wouldn’t style like I want it too which meant more time spent on my hair to get it somewhat perfect.

There are a few things I started doing to stop harming my hair while trying to make it look great again in a easily attainable way.

Up The Moisture

So, I like to start off my work week the night before with a fresh wash. I love the Aussie Moist Shampoo, used with the Aussie Moist Conditioner because it leaves my dry hair swimming in moisture post-wash. As the weather continues to get colder, it’s a must have in my hair routine. It quenches my thirsty locks in a flash. I no longer worry about my hair getting more damaged and I can now focus on more important things like prepping for an upcoming work presentation and planning our Halloween party.

Give Your Hair a Break

On days I’m giving my hair a break from constant heat and aggravation, I think of ponytails, braids or a natural look. I’ve been so bad to my hair lately (especially during the work week) so, I needed to balance it out by taking better care of it. I give it a little TLC, using Aussie Total Miracle Collection 7N1 Shampoo and Aussie Total Miracle Collection 7N1 Conditioner. In this collection, I get the same 7 benefits in every bottle: protection against damage, split ends, and humidity; give it brilliant shine and moisture; and my hair is left feeling so soft and smooth. No more fuss for me when I’m styling my hair into a chic updo! The shampoo and conditioner truly are miracles in a bottle.

Embrace Your Natural Texture

I love the option of being able to confidently switch between using heat or rocking my natural hair texture. It took me a while to get comfortable rocking my natural hair but it’s well worth it. I’ll play around with my natural hair on weekends creating 10-minute natural hairstyles like wearing bantu knots and then unraveling it the next day to create sexy curls or waves.

Since my hair texture is very thick and kinky, it dries easily and more prone to damage. I like to do a deep conditioning treatment on top of (or in place of) a regular conditioner using Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Strong Conditioning Treatment. This treatment makes the hair 10x stronger against damage thus lengthening the life of your locks. Attaining strong healthy-looking hair in 3 minutes is a total time-saver.

To make sure my natural hairstyle stays in place throughout the day, I’ll use Aussie Instant Freeze Sculpting Hair Gel. Thanks to this amazing hair gel, I can rock my natural hairstyles confidently and with ease.

I’m so relieved to have discovered these Aussie products because they get the job done. If you want awesome, well-cared for hair made easy, then I urge you to try anyone of these products from the Aussie line. You can purchase them on Amazon.com.


  1. It’s like you read my mind! My poor ultra-thick, textured hair is basically begging for the right products and I keep trying new things to no avail. I’m totally trying that deep conditioner!

  2. I’ve heard great things about the Aussie brand but haven’t tried it before. I just happen to be out of conditioner and shampoo, so I’m going to pick this brand up.

  3. I’ve always loved Aussie products. Growing up, I used the 3-Minute Miracle religiously (though, I could have sworn it was a 5-Minute Miracle back then)…

  4. I’ve tried some Aussie products in the past, and l liked the. One of my favorites is the heat protecting spray! I need to start trying out some of the other things they have to offer.

  5. Not only is my hair thick and distressed but I spend 8 months at least in the sun so for me I often need to give my hair a break. Products like this are great to help relieve the frizzy aspect of my mop!

  6. Since I started bleaching my hair Aussie has been by go to product. I really like the 3 minute miracle. It really helps my dry damaged hair from all the bleaching and makes it feel soft again.

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