5 Ways to Stop Hair Breakage

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Daily hair shedding is a natural part of life but when your hair becomes weak from poor care, your hair can break before its life cycle is complete. It’s always disheartening to see my hair break. I notice my breakage more during the summer but, I’ve learned some important tips to get to the root of the problem which eventually helped me get my hair back to normal.

1. Control Stress

If you’re going through some tough times, have trouble at home, or struggling to get a project done at work, the situation will start to show in your hair. Finding ways to reduce your stress will ultimately help your hair.

2. Eat Better

Eat your way to stronger hair with overall good nutrition. You can start by cutting back on (or eliminating) high-sodium and sugary foods. Remember, that what you put in on the inside is what you’re going to get on the outside.

3. Stop Excessive Heat Styling

By all means, just don’t do it. Heat damage from blow drying, flat ironing, and other styling tools is a major cause of hair breakage. If you must use them, always apply a heat protectant spray and blow dry with cold air.

4. Use Hair Oil

Your scalp normally produces natural oils that keep a certain level of moisture in your hair. But sometimes, situations such as overwashing, change of weather, or not conditioning can strip away your natural hair oil making it more easily to break. So, invest in a good hair oil to replenish your strands.

5. Take Hair Supplements

I don’t always get the vitamins I need from foods to maintain healthy hair so I use the next best thing: hair supplements. For the past 3 months, I’ve been using Viviscal Extra Strength hair supplements. Viviscal Extra Strength Hair Vitamin Supplements for Women nourish thinning hair and promote existing hair growth from within. These supplements are also 100% drug-free and have become the #1 selling hair growth in the U.S.

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Viviscal Review

Like I mentioned earlier, one of my main hair issues is hair breakage and every summer, I find myself stressing out more on hair damage caused by the summer heat, salt and sun ( I know, I know, I shouldn’t stress). Thankfully, I started to take the supplements right at the start of summer and within the last 3 months, my hair has never looked better.

The first thing I noticed immediately after taking the supplements is the disappearance of my dry scalp. My hair is very coarse and normally I would need to apply hair oil on my scalp daily to keep it moisturized. Now, I can go a few days without applying hair oil and the itchiness is still gone. It’s amazing! My hair is also fuller and stronger (yay, less breakage!) and it even grew a bit.

Thank you Viviscal for making my hair strong and healthy again!

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