7 Big Hair Problems and 1 Awesome Solution!

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I have very thick and kinky hair that’s also a bit long and with it comes some of the biggest hair problems. The great thing about having my hair texture is the number of styles I can create. The worse thing however is the problems that come with having big hair and only us big hair, long hair girls can understand the pain. Yes, the struggle is real!

Some big hair problems I tackle with all the time include:

1. Finding Hair Everywhere

My whole house is pretty much a place for me to keep all my hair when it falls out of my head.

2. Hair Gets Stuck on Jewelry

This happens every time I want to wear big pieces like a bauble necklace or bulky earrings. If I’m not careful I might break a hair strand or two. I can’t always wear what I want when my hair is down and that’s why I have to be more mindful of my jewelry choices and hairstyles when choosing outfits.

3. The Wind

This is especially irritating when I straighten out my hair. The wind blows my hair everywhere and it always finds its way inside my mouth or stuck on my lips when I wear lip gloss. So annoying!

4. Straightening Hair Takes Forever

Speaking of straightening, it’s no fun task either because it’s so time-consuming. I have to separate my hair into 40 layers and pass each one through a flat iron in order to straighten it.

5. Fighting Frizz

Frizz can instantly ruin a hair do but I’ve learned several tricks along the way to tame it.

6. Finding Bobby Pins

You would be surprised how many times I found bobby pins hidden in my hair.

big hair liquid plumr

7. Clogged Drains

It’s inevitable to find my hair in the shower drain. Hair is the number one culprit for creating clogged drains, and with three other people living in the house, proper maintenance is a necessity. That’s why I always look to Liquid Plumr to keep locks and drains flowing.

While big hair is not always fun for me,  I’ll stick with the pain because I love my hair and I know Liquid Plumr has my back.

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With Liquid Plumr, I can keep my big hair while keeping my drains clear. Watch below to see how these ladies celebrate their big hair!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Liquid-Plumr . The opinions and text are all mine.

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