Health: What Yoga and Weight Loss Can Do For You

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yoga and weight loss

Yoga and Weight Loss

Obesity, for all its implications and popularity will always be a major concern among people since the thought of the physical and mental discomforts involved are just too much too bear. The lack of stamina, the difficulty in breathing and physical movements is just some of the initial troubles that you may face. Along the way you will start feeling inferior yourself within the society and stress will always follow you around. Good thing there are ways on how we can all deal with the problem effectively. Yoga and weight loss combined is just one of them.

This effective combination requires a well defined planning and implementation to lose all that unnecessary weight so we can all live a happy and healthy life. And it all starts with yoga. Yoga is one vast and complicated subject matter made up of various methodologies to facilitate your body to help you take off the excess pounds.

Here are 5 reasons why yoga is the perfect exercise to achieve your weight loss goals.

1. It’s a Low-Intensity Exercise

To start with, understand that yoga is nothing like your regular high-intensity exercise where you sweat a lot to lose weight. It is the exact opposite of that, as it dwells on calm and much gentler method of toning your body through breathing mechanisms and a variety of stretches. You must also understand that you cannot find a quick weight loss here as advertised by all those fancy and radical weight loss programs out there promising the fastest way to lose weight supposedly. The best part of the yoga approach is that with it you can tone your body while suppressing weight gains effectively and you will never have to worry about serious side effects that are continuously plaguing those fancy programs.

2. It Stimulates Body Metabolism

The breathing concept that constitutes yoga stimulates and induces body metabolism while stretching calls for toning up and stretching all your body muscles. Though such procedures only account for an indirect way of triggering weight loss, experts found out that they are really that effective in producing needed results. For you to incorporate yoga principles into your systems, you must start by having a good frame of mind. Having achieved that, everything will then flow smoothly.

3. It Burns More Fat (Especially the Belly)

Yoga stretches are very powerful. It synthesizes lean muscles anywhere in your body so it can burn more of those fats that settled lazily inside your body, particularly within the belly portion. This is now one very effective way to lose weight. The stretching is what generates new muscle tissues responsible for using energy. Yoga stretches is generally a calm approach and never high-intensity, which makes it easily adaptable to everyone.

4. It Stimulates Weight Loss

Yoga principles also place heavy emphasis on proper breathing exercises also known to stimulate weight loss indirectly. Breathing introduces oxygen into your body to facilitate the important function of breaking down food molecules. More access to oxygen will result to a better respiration process, which also results to an efficient exhaustion of calories for energy. Synchronizing breathing and body stretching together is a very powerful method that aids weight loss insignificant ways. Slow, calculated breathing is particularly stressed out to prompt effective body metabolism.

5. Influences Mind-Body Control

Already in existence ages ago, yoga practices originated in various eastern countries and had been modified a bit ever since it started to spread out throughout the west to suit the various habits and lifestyle of different cultures. Yoga techniques also place deep emphasis on various mental and spiritual practices that heavily influences the human body through mind control. For you to take full advantage of this, it is important that you clear up your mind first so that everything will then flow on smoothly.

Yoga and weight loss indeed works together harmoniously. If you let yoga work for you to the fullest, then you can have the best time of your life living in deep peace even if you are surrounded by all the noise and hassles of busy life.

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  1. Honestly, I never tried Yoga. I prefer going for a nice run in the park or a game of tennis than spending 30 hours stretching on a mattress. I think I will get bored quickly.. lol…

    Wonder if Yoga helps with putting on some weight… ’cause I kind of need to put on weight, not lose it

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