How I Stay Mindful Of My Oral Care

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Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Oral-B, all opinions are my own.

mindful oral care

A good morning routine sets the tone for the rest of the day. For me, I have so much that needs to get done so I try to make my mornings as productive as possible. To do so, I developed healthy habits to help maximize my mornings. Honestly, I think the best way to develop good habits in my daily life is to practice them in the morning. I’m always feel my energy peaks after my morning routine is done and I would gradually use it up by the end of the day.

A tool that helps me a lot with my morning routine is Alexa. I use it to wake up, turn on an energizing playlist, meditate etc. The beauty of Alexa is that it helps you stick to your habits. One area in my routine that I’ve had struggle stick to is my oral care. Now, I’m not saying I don’t brush my teeth every morning because, well… that’s disgusting. Daily tooth brushing is embedded into our daily routine, it’s just the details like brushing my teeth for at least two minutes is where I slip up at times.

white oral b guide electric toothbrush

That was until the Oral-B Guide toothbrush with built-in Alexa came into my life. A toothbrush that has Alexa built-in? Genius! Alexa is already a part of my morning routine so the Oral-B Guide was the perfect addition to help me stay mindful with my teeth brushing.

The Oral-B Guide

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The Oral-B Guide is like the ultimate smart brushing system. It has a wifi-enabled smart charger base that’s water-resistant. The smart charger has a four segment LED lights which acts as a timer to let you know when to switch to a different part of your mouth, if you’re brushing too hard, and when your two minutes are up.

oral b guide with alexa

For a more personalized brushing experience you can choose from six different modes. It also keeps track of your brushing progress overtime via the Oral B Connect app. It’s like a fitness tracker for your mouth!

Like I mentioned earlier, it has Alexa already built in. So, I can make my mornings even more productive by using the hands-free voice control to be informed on the news of the day, the weather or listen to NPR. One of the things I love to do while using this smart toothbrush is playing my morning playlist. Normally I would use an app on my phone so this is way more convenient.

How To Use Oral-B Guide

oral b guide electric toothbrush

It’s so easy to set up! All you have to do is place the toothbrush on the base, plug in the base and connect to your wifi, create an account on the Oral-B Connect app, and lastly connect your Amazon Alexa account. Once everything is connected, grab the toothbrush, add some toothpaste, press the power button and start brushing away. Easy peasy!

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The Oral-B Guide has really helped me be more mindful with my tooth brushing. Things I would normally try and squeeze in time for like getting the news and weather, I can do while I’m brushing my teeth which makes my oral routine even more fun and productive.

And of course, I’m left with a dentist-level of cleaning. Can’t complain.

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If you’re an Alexa fan and looking to increase your morning productivity, I highly recommend you check out the Oral-B Guide Electric Toothbrush here!

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