Step Into Comfort This Fall With Amopé Gel Activ Insoles

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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Amopé™. The opinions and text are all mine.

High heels have always been my go-to for evening wear. With fall just around the corner, I started going through my shoe closet searching for my old heels. A few of my favorites are worn out, but I still have one that I bought last fall that I’ve only worn once because they are painful to wear. I’ll walk on them for a couple of minutes and I start feeling the effects right away. The throbbing pain on the balls and heels of my feet become unbearable and the last thing I want to develop is calluses and blisters. Eek!

I desperately needed some insoles to improve the comfort level of my heels. Luckily I found the perfect ones with Amopé Gel Activ™ Insoles.

Amopé Gel Activ Insoles are a fashion secret that enables women to multiply their shoe closet without having to buy any new shoes. I own many shoes that I love, but don’t wear, and Amopé Gel Activ Insoles are intended to change this.

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There are a variety of different Amopé Gel Activ Insoles to choose from depending on the type of shoe you wear:

  • Amopé Gel Activ Everyday Heels
  • Amopé Gel Activ Extreme Heel
  • Amopé Gel Activ Flat Shoes
  • Amopé Gel Activ Open Shoes

I headed down to my local Target store to pick one up for Extreme Heels. They’re so slim, I couldn’t believe there were two insoles inside the package. I’ve looked at insoles from other brands in the past but these from Amopé have me excited. They’re just what I needed!

Here’s more of what I love about Amopé Gel Activ Insoles:

  • Amopé Gel Activ Insoles are made with super concentrated gel.
  • They are 25% thinner than other insoles, so they fit in even the most slender shoes without crowding toes.
  • They are made of a sticky material so they don’t lose their tack, even if removed from one shoe and put in another.
  • Each insole is placed slightly differently in the shoe to align with the pressure points of the shoes women wear. For example, the ball of foot and extra arch support for extreme heels, arch support and ball of foot support for everyday heels, heel support for flat shoes and extra cushioning on the ball of foot and narrow design for open toe shoe insoles.

With these new Amopé Gel Activ Insoles, I don’t need to worry about overcrowding my closet with new high heels. I have plenty of unused ones that I can start wearing now. I’m currently glancing at all of my unused high heels as I’m writing this post and I’ve started to fall in love with them all over again thanks to Amopé. I’m no longer in pain when I have them on for a long period of time and it feels amazing. I’m looking forward to wearing the insoles the next time I’m headed to a party, going out with girlfriends, or spending time with my man on date night. There truly are no other insoles for women in the market like this!

Now you can “Turn your heels into sneakers” for FREE with Amopé mail-in rebate offer (up to $10) on Amopé Gel Activ Insoles and Inserts. To download the rebate request form, visit Hurry up and take advantage of this offer because it ends on October 23, 2016.

How many pairs of shoes do you own verse how many do you actually wear? Which insole do you want to try next? Share your thoughts by commenting in the widget below! #Amopé #ShoeLove



The perfect insoles to keep your feet happy this holiday season. A must-have for Thanksgiving and Christmas parties to keep you going and feet feeling comfortable all night long.